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Debfronut Wed 31-Jul-19 10:57:54

Hi I have a Labrador of 11 years old. She has hip and knee problems and has been put on Metacam. She now has increased energy and appetite and is in fact running around like a puppy which is nice but worrying in case she damages her joints even more. The worry I have is that she has become very vocal. She howls if we don't get up early enough or when we go out and barks to get us up for her breakfast. The neighbors are unhappy which I understand. She has never been a vocal dog at all. Any suggestions as to what I can do? Thank you

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Girlintheframe Fri 02-Aug-19 07:03:28

Our dog was on metacalm for a couple of years. I wouldn't worry about if effecting joints etc. It's just the same as if we take ibuprofen and to be honest there would be little they could do for an 11 year old dog except give her metacalm. It too gave our dog back his bounce and definitely improved his quality of life.
Not sure about being more vocal. Our dog knows the 'shh' command maybe it's something you could try?

adaline Fri 02-Aug-19 09:50:15

Are you sure the two are linked? All my pets have had metacam at one point or another and they've never had any changes of behaviour.

SpankYouMuchly Fri 02-Aug-19 09:55:34

Try Youmove dog. It's all natural, so no strain on the kidneys. It has the stuff that repairs joints and also pain relieving properties. We used the cat one. He was limping when he started it and after two weeks he was walking normally. Our vet recommended it, but it's probably cheaper to buy direct online. Also don't give her her food until she stops barking otherwise she associates barking with food.

Debfronut Fri 02-Aug-19 10:04:46

Hi thanks for the replies. I am not sure it is linked but as she has always been so quiet it is strange she is suddenly so needy. She seems to have separation anxiety and its just not her. I do get up and let her out to the toilet as I don't want a mess but she is told to be quiet and not fed until the normal time but she just lays there and pants and seems so distressed. I will try Youmove thank you for the suggestion.

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adaline Fri 02-Aug-19 10:25:46

Yes - I would second Youmove for joints. Our beagle is only young but he takes them daily and they've been great. No side effects whatsoever. You can get it from petdrugsonline for about £16 for maybe 6 weeks worth.

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