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Heuristic01 Mon 29-Jul-19 11:55:53

Please choose carefully when hiring a Dog Trainer or Behaviourist. Dog Training is not regulated and as a result, many trainers are not qualified.

The following websites allow you to search for qualified trainers in your area.

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants

Association of Professional Dog Trainers
UK -
US & other -

Pet Professional Guild

Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Association of Pet Behaviour Councellors

Animal Behaviour Training Council

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OpheliaTodd Mon 29-Jul-19 12:00:14

It’s a minefield.

I know of a local APDT trainer who uses rattle bottles and have heard some stories about the IMDT that basically suggest that their pass/fail rate for trainers is rather arbitrary.

I also think that as a rule dog trainers/behaviourists charge ridiculous money. No wonder people end up getting awful advice.

Alwaysgrey Mon 29-Jul-19 13:44:56

We could use one to help with lead walking and getting too excited around other dogs. But we’ve been to separate puppy classes both recommended and they were awful (included stones in bottle to frighten the dog).

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