Durable training dog toys

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Doggymummy86 Mon 29-Jul-19 07:57:26

That’s bitey 😃 I’ll have a look at them 👍

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BiteyShark Mon 29-Jul-19 06:17:50

Westpaw zogoflex range are great odd looking. I got them when my spaniel started to destroy all of his toys as a puppy and they are still going strong as an adult. They are not really training toys but good for chewers.

For balls the chuckit ultra are good.

Doggymummy86 Mon 29-Jul-19 06:01:59

I’ve never thought of doing the kong frozen 🤔
I’ll have a look at the website 🙂

Thank you 🐾🐾

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Knitclubchatter Mon 29-Jul-19 00:07:07

not sure what training toys are available but the zogoflex bone by west paw is indestructible.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 29-Jul-19 00:01:47

Kong with the contents frozen? Kong with something like fish paste smeared deep inside?

Doggymummy86 Sun 28-Jul-19 19:52:54

Hi there,
Looking to get your preferred training toys, that a dog can’t destroy ... I’ve got a kong but my pup has it finished within seconds and I stuff it to the brim !!
I’ve bought a plastic disk toy but my pup had it ripped apart in minutes.

Thanks 🐶🐾

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