Looking for the perfect lead?

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IsletsOfLangerhans Sun 28-Jul-19 21:11:54

The halti one recommended above is brilliant. You can also have it round your waist - useful when training!

fivedogstofeed Sun 28-Jul-19 12:51:06

I have these.
They are double ended and have an extra D ring part way along the lead so you can adjust the length or use on a collar and harness at the same time. Think they come in a couple of different lengths as well.

theemmadilemma Sun 28-Jul-19 11:37:30

Ohh do you have a link?

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WouldHAVEcouldHAVEshouldHAVE Sun 28-Jul-19 11:10:26

Ezydog have the rubber bit which is good to hold on to when the lead is wrapped round your hand.
I know you already have Ezydog but I’ve never found any leads that can compare to theirs and I’ve had loads of different ones.
Not much help sorry!

theemmadilemma Sun 28-Jul-19 11:06:29

Can anyone help? I like EzyDog and have a harness and lead for the male.

However I'm looking for something a little more specific.

Ideally I want a single dog lead but with 3 heights. Not just long or 'traffic' short. I'd like a second chance hand hold in between if you see what a mean?

Not retractable. I ideally just want 3 levels of hand hold.

Can anyone think of a solution?

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