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Neutering help

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Mychitchatdays Sat 27-Jul-19 20:41:00

I'm looking for some advice on neutering my male dog. He is four now and we've never had any problems before, but recently new neighbours moved in with a female dog and it's been driving the poor dog crazy.

The new dog isn't walked and just let out so pees everywhere. My dog pulls to get to her pee and licks it and well drool. He's now started to cry when he can smell her outside from inside the house.
If I get him neutered will this stop my dog from doing this?

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fivedogstofeed Sat 27-Jul-19 23:26:23

Sounds like the dog next door might be in season? It could go on for a few weeks. If this is the case then neutering will not change his behaviour but it might be worth asking the neighbours if you can.

Mychitchatdays Sun 28-Jul-19 00:06:11

The family moved in around four months ago now so I don't think it's because the other dog is in heat.

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