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Puppy coming soon!

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OverInfestedBadger Thu 25-Jul-19 22:39:21

We get our new pup in 5 weeks. Current ddog is 11 and a half so it has been a while. I’m happy, excited and looking forward too it, but am stressing that I will have forgotten everything I know. I had 2 dogs, competed in agility, trained other people etc, but since then I’ve had 2 kids and my brain feels empty.
Would love a thread of encouragement smile

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Sunburntnoseandears Thu 25-Jul-19 22:43:33

I doubt your carpets are feeling excited!
Don't be surprised if ddog1 isn't too enthused either!! Our first ddog as a dc hated the puppy.
My current ddog 1 loved our dpuppy but she was only 4 yo..
Vowed after 2 dpuppies a month apart 5 years ago no more dpuppies are getting in!!

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