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Mummy, Baby and Doggy Classes

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K9Education Thu 25-Jul-19 18:09:21

I’m in the process of putting a class together “Mummy, Baby and Doggy”. What things can you think of would be handy for getting the dog to be able to do. This is what I have so far:-

Walking - Close/Heel next to pram
Walking - Switch - move from one side of the pram to the other
Walking - This Way
Impulse control - Sit/Stay - (30 seconds)
Walking - About Turn Right/Left
Distractions - Other Dogs/people
Walking - Lets Cross
Impulse Control - Not Yours - Dummies, dirty nappies, baby toys
Impulse Control - Drop - dummies/dirty nappies
Impulse Control - Leave It
General Obedience - Away
General Obedience - Back
General Obedience - Recall
Desensitisation - Crying
Desensitisation - Being left in a room
Impulse Control - Quiet/Stop Barking

Your input would be much appreciated.

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Jouska Thu 25-Jul-19 18:13:32

Please dont call it doggy

Whats the difference between not yours, leave it.

What is the baby going to be doing during the session?

What aged dog is this aimed at?

Jouska Thu 25-Jul-19 18:14:57

I would want to teach a settle
focus on owner
reaction to name

K9Education Thu 25-Jul-19 18:27:47

Thanks @Jouska. Great suggestions.

Not Yours is a behaviour that teaches dogs that certain items do not belong to them and the Leave It is a generalised behaviour.

The baby will either be in it's pram, sat with mum/dad or playing in a specific area for the child. If old enough, engaging in the training where ever possible.

This is for dogs of all ages.

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Jouska Thu 25-Jul-19 18:32:26

How do you teach not yours?

I would concentrate/promote on the getting used to baby training as many of the dogs may already have the other skills if you are doing mixed ages and abilities

missbattenburg Thu 25-Jul-19 18:35:42

Not Yours is a behaviour that teaches dogs that certain items do not belong to them

Do dogs understand possession in that way? Surely to them, possession is whoever has the item at that moment?

Jouska Thu 25-Jul-19 18:57:33

Do you already teach classes?

I have just checked my insurance and you may have issues with having young babies in the class. I have cliverton insurance and I am not sure that I am covered for babies in the class it would be worth a check.

Jouska Thu 25-Jul-19 18:58:02

My insurance covers me on 1-2-1 with babies but not in group classes

K9Education Fri 26-Jul-19 13:24:42

Yes, I teach several different classes.

Yes, fully insured with Cliverton also.

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