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cleowasmycat Tue 23-Jul-19 09:36:30

Hi, is there a cheaper equivalent to Petplan with the same level of cover? I have a pug and his insurance is more than my car!! Worth every penny obvs but still.....

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pigsDOfly Tue 23-Jul-19 09:55:02

I'm with Petplan. I have a Lifetime cover and it's now around £74 a month for my 8 year old dog, so fairly eye watering.

Not a dog insurance expert, but I think they are considered pretty much the best for the cover the offer.

Be very careful about moving insurers as anything your dog has had in the past, or even anything you've asked a vet about, will be excluded on a new policy.

newmomof1 Tue 23-Jul-19 10:03:29

Have a look at bought by many

BrokenWing Tue 23-Jul-19 10:13:14

We are PetPlan, there are of course others but be careful as once you decide on a provider if you do hit issues with them it is difficult to change as everything you have previously visited the vet for will be a pre existing condition. PetPlan premiums will increase only as you pet ages, our labrador has increased from £28/month in his first year to £54/month in his 5 year. It sounds a lot but we have claimed more than we have paid in insurance so well worth it. Other companies increase with age and more again if you claim.

If you search in Doghouse for insurance you will see what others have recommended (and advised to avoid - Animal Friends comes up again and again) as this topic comes up regularly.

"Bought by many" are the popular new kids on the block, but I personally would not consider a company with only 2 years of pet insurance experience when you are looking for continuity of insurance for the next 10-15 years.

Who ever you go for you are looking for as high a rate of "lifetime cover" that you can afford, especially with a pug which is prone to health issues, unless you want to take the more pragmatic approach and be prepared to PTS if expensive conditions occur.

newmomof1 Tue 23-Jul-19 10:42:55

I strong recommend avoiding Perfect Pet. They're cheap and their cover looks good but their customer service is abysmal.

BiteyShark Tue 23-Jul-19 11:09:16

If you jump make sure you get a written confirmation from new insurers for any exclusions based on vet records BEFORE you take the policy. Finding they have excluded certain conditions based on some vet note several years ago could prove very costly.

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