Neighbour Complaining About Our Dog

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Aurora0711 Mon 22-Jul-19 11:30:09

We have lived in our semi for over 12 years and have had our dog for 6 years. About two years ago, the unattached neighbours wife popped round to ask, very nicely, if we could stop our dog barking at night as her husband went to bed at 9pm. I was mortified and apologised profusely and said that I had noticed over the last few days that when she went out at 10pm she did suddenly seem to bark more than usual, which used to be about two barks. I said that I would ensure she never went out beyond 9pm in future. Now, if she needs to go out after that time, my partner puts her on a lead hail, rain or shine so she doesn't bark. To give further context to our dog, she is never alone, my partner works from home and she has two 1 hour walks a day. The wife has always been polite, saying hello or a brief chat or wave. The husband has never spoken to us or even smiled since we moved in. He doesnt go to bed at 9pm either. Since this occurred we have been suspicious of the husband and have caught him on occasions clapping at our dog when he doesn't know we are there which then starts her barking. We also see our dog looking up at his bedroom window. We thought it odd and obviously didn't want to create a fuss , however, this has now escalated as the behaviour he has created means the dog barks at him and he is now shouting over the fence for her to shut up. I suspect it is when he thinks we are not in earshot but twice I have heard it. The first time, I said you wouldn't be shouting for her to stop if she was alerting you to an intruder. He never responds back. The last time was recently at 8.20pm when my 12 year old daughter was in the garden. I would have gone round there to confront him but I was home alone and didn't want to upset my daughter any further. She is wary of him as she has said over the years that he stares at her from his bedroom window when she is playing in the garden. I state this point, not to imply impropriety, but it is obvious that any sound, even that of a child swinging or playing, is an issue for him. It is usually accompanied by loud closing of their windows. He even added plastic spikes to the one section of fence that borders were our daughters pool is in the Summer. None on the rest of the fence.

We are now on holiday and our security camera has shown a video of his wife posting a note. Our house/dog sitter has said it is a snotty note stating it is from the residents of our street. Now, if our house/dog sitter has been letting her out later than usual, I am happy to apologise, however, we know it is BS that it is from the street and the video shows who it is. The dog didn't bark either as she doesn't even bark at postmen or anyone who comes to our door! Our attached neighbours have two little children and we would never let our dog bark excessively, they have never complained. I am now so paranoid for any bark at all, I even feel uncomfortable talking in the garden which is creating further stress and tension between me and my partner as he is done with them and feels we have done everything and compromise has go two ways. I have never fell out with a neighbour in my life, will do anything for anyone, including them. We saved them a fortune on solicitors fee's approving two extensions, never complained about the noise of them being built and now I just feel stressed all the time and worry he is the type of person who would throw over poisoned meat! I want to still try to be reasonable but my partner thinks they are beyond that and he is obviously an obsessive and we should just ignore them. To me it feels that it is bordering on harassment. I have read up on noise nuisance law and will log any time she barks for piece of mind. I also want a video installed in the garden so we can have evidence of this also should they ever take it further. I am 100% confident they would not have a leg to stand on but want to be sure. It is making my life a misery and worry about my well behaved, normal barking, lovely dog who loves everyone. I even want to suggest he meets her and then she won't bark at him but doubt they will take me up on that offer.
Does anyone have any further advice?

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missbattenburg Mon 22-Jul-19 13:05:16

Meeting him will not stop her barking at the meet and being in the garden while he is at home are two different scenarios.

Supervise the dog in the garden.

missbattenburg Mon 22-Jul-19 13:06:57

Bugger posted too soon.

Supervise the dog in the garden, that way you can

a) be absolutely sure there is no barking
b) tell him to knock it off if you hear him winding her up
c) distract her/take her in if she does bark

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 22-Jul-19 14:55:01

It sounds as if you have a batshit neighbour. We had one similar who would lose his rag at us (only in our case it was DC noise not dog noise) and unfortunately the problem continued till the bugger moved. There was no possibility of any compromise (we tried, hard, but he was completely intolerant of any noise at all). He eventually moved and like you we worried about poisoned meat and kept our dogs in or supervised while he packed up and left.

I wish I could be more helpful. I would suspect that he would only have a case in law if your dog barks a lot or at anti-social hours, but that doesn't stop him being an arse and making your life stressful. You have my sympathy.

salsmum Mon 22-Jul-19 15:47:48

I have recently purchased a collar from amazon for my Dd chihuahua... who barks at a gnats fart it gives 2 sound warnings and then the box under her chin vibrates it's not a shock collar but she learnt from day 1 that the sound ( a bleep) she didn't like I would highly recommend. It's called a woof whisperer collar comes with 32 batteries and is well worth the £15 spent.

salsmum Mon 22-Jul-19 15:48:34

TWO batteries

missbattenburg Mon 22-Jul-19 15:54:28

Electronic training devices come with a range of risks. It's worth being super clear what they are if you are thinking of using one.

Not something I have ever wanted to risk.


Walney Mon 22-Jul-19 16:02:01

It sounds like in this instance, the dog is fine and doesn't need a training collar. My dog was very loud and barked a lot whenever we were out (stressful foe her/us and not fair on neighbours), and being out theres nothing we could do to stop her barking. We also used the sound/vibration one (not shock) and found it brilliant and really helped stop her barking when we are out. I have heard they can cause behaviour issues, but that hasn't happened with us and has only made her a better dog. They are a very helpful training device.

Going back to OP I don't really have any advice really, but your neighbour is just incredibly unpleasant and i'm sorry you have to put up with that.

Nesssie Thu 25-Jul-19 13:51:53

For dog barking to be classed as a statutory noise nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act the dog would have to be barking constantly for long periods of time or at anti-social times. Also, pretty much every case that has progressed has involved multiple dogs.
If they did complaint to the council, it is likely the council will write you a letter and then close the case.

Doesn't sound like your dog is the problem, your neighbour is.

Nesssie Thu 25-Jul-19 13:52:17

And don't use the collar

Windbeneathmybingowings Thu 25-Jul-19 13:56:13

The perfect neighbours dog is one that you don’t even notice is there. Anything else than that, if you haven’t chosen to have one yourself but still have to put up with, would be annoying I’d say.

However, he has tormented the dog and now it’s worse so of course they are BU.

Floralnomad Thu 25-Jul-19 13:57:58

Supervise in the garden and ignore , unless your dog is barking for long periods at anti social hours any complaints will go nowhere . What you could do is make a log of any times the dog is left home alone and any times that the dog does actually bark , that way if the council do contact you you have proof of what happens with your dog .

RockinHippy Thu 25-Jul-19 15:06:10

Your dog isn't being a nuisance, your neighbours are. I'd suggest ringing the police on 101 & getting it logged. Also give your environmental health department a ring & have a chat with the. They will reassure you that you are not being a nuisance. You'll also have it on record with both, which sounds like a good idea with batshit neighbours. Good luck

BossAssBitch Thu 25-Jul-19 15:49:46

Tell the police. Your neighbour is harassing you.

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