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Biotin for dogs weak nails?

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IShitGlitter Mon 22-Jul-19 10:26:15

My dog has had a bit of a rough time lately her nails have been spilting a few of them have come clean off. A few have required vet trips.

Yesterday we went the vets to get the nurse to clip her nails then we went for a run on a nearby field within 5mins paws bleeding and another spilt nail so back to the vet we went and the nurse just pulled it straight out but she noticed the top of her nail bed was really spongey and weak. I'm blaming crap food for this we tried and it was awful she stunk and now this so its back on raw anyway....

They said to get her some nail supplments online which will sort them out. I have looked online and seen biotin is what we need. Now viovet sell it for over £10 or Holland and Barret sell it for £3 I was wondering if anyone knows if its the same as "dog" biotin supplements.

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Floralnomad Mon 22-Jul-19 10:55:37

My dog has SLO which is an autoimmune condition that affects his nails and he has to have 750mg of high strength vitamin B3 ( nicotinamide) per day and either Coatex spray or capsules . He was diagnosed at about 2 when he lost a couple of toe nails and had splitting issues . We’ve had minimal issues since he’s been on this treatment and it’s relatively cheap buying from online sources .

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