Is it remotely possible...

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Newpupsoon Tue 23-Jul-19 07:02:00

grinShe did it again last night. Hoping we too have a camel dog!

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pigsDOfly Mon 22-Jul-19 14:36:00

My dog was one that was able hold her wee overnight almost from the start.

Now as an adult she can take herself off to bed at about 7pm some evenings and won't need to wee until about 10 the next morning. And she's only small.

Seems she's half dog half camel.

Newpupsoon Mon 22-Jul-19 06:48:42

Thanks @BiteyShark she didn’t drink too much yesterday. Maybe that’s why.

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BiteyShark Mon 22-Jul-19 06:40:39

Some puppies can and some can't. You may also find that she might seem to go longer initially but once settled into the home may need to go more in the night if they drink and eat more in the day.

It's one of those things that is puppy specific but you will soon get to know your puppies routine as they get older.

Newpupsoon Mon 22-Jul-19 06:36:32

Sorry for all the puppy questions but my pup settled down for the night by putting herself to bed around 9.30. She slept until 11.30 and then woke me up every 2-3 hours crying. I took her out (in the rain) each time with little fuss but she just sniffed around and didn’t wee. She was happy to come indoors and settled back to sleep easily.
In fact she didn’t wee until around 4.30am. I felt around her bed and it doesn’t seem wet. Is it possible for a puppy at 8 weeks to go from 8.30pm to 4.30am without a wee or do you think or did she do a sneaky one in her bed?
She just had her breakfast and then whinged at the back door, I let her out and she did a proud smile

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