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Puppy fleas whilst on Nexguard

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Delatron Sun 21-Jul-19 12:14:35

I’ve been religiously treating my lab puppy with Nexguard worm and flea treatment monthly.

Just spotted about 5 fleas on his head. Can’t find any on his body. Does this mean the treatment is ineffective and I need to do more? Or would they have fed on him and then died? Wondering if I need to fumigate my house and go in to full on cleaning mode?!

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BiteyShark Sun 21-Jul-19 13:02:45

They need to bite your dog and then they die within 24 hours.

missyB1 Sun 21-Jul-19 13:05:23

I think the nexguard kills them like Bitey said? We’ve used it for years now, she has had fleas twice in that time but they seemed to disappear quickly so it must work. No I didn’t fumigate the house.

Delatron Sun 21-Jul-19 13:13:35

Ah ok! Thanks, had a bit of a panic that the treatment wasn’t working. I also picked some fleas off (which I guess I shouldn’t have done!) they didn’t seem too jumpy though so maybe they were dying.

Relieved I don’t have to fumigate and do hours of housework. Thanks guys.

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