Eurotunnel and French Holiday advice please

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Looby4 Sat 20-Jul-19 07:55:22

We are taking our 9 month old puppy to France next weekend, travelling by Eurotunnel. I think we need to get there early and go through a dog lane - please could anyone advise what we need to have on hand e.g. anything more than pet passport? How long should we allow for the dog lane. Our dog is terribly car sick, so I am worried they will see that and think she's too ill to travel... any advice here?

Secondly, other than the worm/ flea tablet 5 days prior to coming home, is there anything more we should know about taking the dog in/ out of the country?


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Kayjay2018 Sat 20-Jul-19 12:40:36

@Looby4 we took our Doberman to Belgium a few years ago. When you get to Folkestone you follow the dog lane,park up and then go into a little building with your dog. From memory there is an outside area to take them for a walk/bathroom break. Once in the building you hand over their passport and scan their microchip and if all ok I think you get a tag to pop in your window.

We went in October so not in the busiest time and went straight through. On the french side, it was the same in reverse.

We just made sure the first thing we did on our holiday was book the vet appt at the right time to allow her to come back. Turned up, they knew what to do and stamped her passport!

Looby4 Sun 21-Jul-19 09:13:39

Thank you, that's brilliant.

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