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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 20-Jul-19 00:02:09

Yesterday morning I took DDog to the vets for something unrelated, and then took him on a longer than average walk (we were out for about 5 hours in total, though we ambled and sometimes sat down). Towards the end he was walking slower than normal, but with a normal gait, and I thought he was just knackered.

Once he'd had a lie-down (and stiffened up?) he started limping on one of his front legs. He's still bearing weight, but it's evidently uncomfortable for him and he looks about 10 years older than he really is. We didn't go out for a walk today, and he's just been snoozing all day, apart from going out for a wee and eating his dinner. He did still perk up as usual when I presented his favourite ball, so he can't be at death's door hmm

He's 3, normally fit as a fiddle and tbh I'm surprised that the walk took that much out of him - it's rare to get him to the point of being truly tired, and 3 hour walks are fairly normal for us. I suspect he has pulled a muscle or similar.

My current plan is to play it by ear over the weekend and then take him to the vets on Monday if it's not looking significantly better. Is this sensible? I'm rubbish at knowing when to take him to the vet and I always start second guessing myself.

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Ginger153 Sat 20-Jul-19 00:13:54

Why not give the vet a call in the morning for advice or your insurance company if it has an advice line ? I'm generally in the see what happens camp. However, if it will put your mind at rest it's worth a call. Have you checked the dog's paws for thorns or anything stuck?

Ginger153 Sat 20-Jul-19 00:16:40

Ps if you have any dog painkillers in the house give them a dose perhaps? I over walked my dog recently and he was just stiff as I would be after a big hill walk or something. It settled after a couple of days and some doggy anti inflammatories. Good luck!

BiteyShark Sat 20-Jul-19 06:21:40

Avocados I am in exactly the same situation. Picked BiteyDog up from daycare earlier in the week and he was doing the head bobbing e.g. weight bearing but limping on one of his front legs. I think he just did too much as he was boarded over the weekend and had three walks at daycare.

It's still happening although intermittent but clearly there after getting up from a snooze on the sofa. I did book a vets appointment but then cancelled as he is getting better with rest. I am working on the principle that if he continues to show a lump next week I will take him otherwise he's on less exercise for the weekend.

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