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Sleepypod harnesses

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MissShapesMissStakes Fri 19-Jul-19 15:52:00

After much research I think the safest way we can travel as a family is two kids on the back seat and mini poodle on the ‘extra’ seat in the boot (which has a proper seatbelt).

I think a Sleepypod harness seems to be the only harness that actually passed crash testing and kept the dog on the seat in a crash.

Does anyone have one? I am wondering whether to get the sports or terrain one. But also wanted to know how easy is it to use? Ddog legs it when we have to put his current Perfect Fit harness on. So I need to be able to do it easily with minimal fuss if possible before he goes under the table while I faff about working which way up it goes!

I have looked at crates but the crash tested ones are beyond my bank balance at the moment. Plus I’m not sure if ddog would settle in a crate.

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