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Best restraint for car?

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BrokenWing Thu 18-Jul-19 22:26:43

😮 where on earth did you see judgement in my post? You said you wanted her to still be able to make it down to the floor and I was just saying that wouldnt be possible as she wouldn't be secure enough. Suggested crate in boot as it us the safest and you hadn't mentioned it as an option at all.

I'll tell you two things, I was not being judgemental at all, you on the other hand are very rude.

Good luck with your search.

adaline Thu 18-Jul-19 21:06:57

We use a Eagloo harness in the car and have a short seatbelt connector. It plugs into the middle seatbelt bit, and connects to his harness. He can move about/turn around but can't get off the seat in any way.

The harness was less than £20 on Amazon.

GingerRuby Thu 18-Jul-19 15:49:29

I have a Kurgo harness, came from Amazon, is crash tested and attached to seat belt. Can also be used to walk the dog, which I found really useful when stopping on longer journeys, as can clip lead on whilst she's still attached to seat belt, so no escaping at a motorway service station!

cactustime Thu 18-Jul-19 15:45:49

Thank you Borderline, I'll google the harness you've used and can recommend. Many thanks

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cactustime Thu 18-Jul-19 15:44:21

I know brokenwing, that's exactly why I'm asking for advice. I think I made it quite clear that I realise what I'm currently doing is neither safe for the dog, nor other passengers. I understand the potentially dangerous consequences of her being on a lead thus my request for advice on the best harnesses. No need to accuse or judge, I'm asking for advice, thank you.
Unfortunately a crate won't fit as there will be too much luggage in the boot. I've looked at that website suggested with the crash tests but again it's so much choice. I was just wondering if anyone had found something in Pets at home or amazon that they would recommend for safety and comfort? My dog is a mini labradoodle so quite small.
Many thanks

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BorderlineExperimental Thu 18-Jul-19 14:11:21

Whether you want to go for a crate in the boot or a harness/carrier designed for use on the back seat I'd only go for something that has been properly crash tested.

The Center for Pet Safety (US based but many of the tested brands are available over here as well) has done lots of testing of both harnesses and crates/carriers, lots of useful information (as well as rather eye opening testing videos!) on their site.

I've got a crash tested crate in the boot which I use most of the time but I do occasionally need to travel with one dog on the backseat so for those instances I've got a Sleepypod Clickit harness which has been great.

BrokenWing Thu 18-Jul-19 13:50:32

The restraint is not just to restrain her while you are driving but to protect her and also prevent her becoming a hazard to you or the children during a crash. A lead long enough to allow her that much movement in the car is not safe, if your car rolls she wont be safe and neither will your children.

What size/breed is she? A suitable sized crate in the boot of the car is the safest solution for all.

cactustime Thu 18-Jul-19 13:41:48

At the moment I just clip the handle loop of my 7 month old puppy's lead through the seat belt strap to 'restrain' her when driving. But I realise this probably isn't safe (or legal?) enough. Plus we are driving on much longer drives trough France over the summer so I want to get her a proper restraint/harness. She usually sits or lies in the footwells by the kid's feet in the back. She's a good passenger - mainly sleeps or looks out the window. Her lead clipped into the seatbelt means she can sit on the middle back seat, sit on one of the kid's laps to look out a window or sleep on the floor. I know she needs to be harnessed in but hope she can still make it to floor to sleep? Is this possible? The range of harnesses, restraints, travel beds etc etc is overwhelming! Any recommendations or advice is most welcome. Thank you!

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