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How much of the day should I be actively entertaining my puppy?

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StillMedusa Thu 18-Jul-19 07:20:54

Day 5 and so far she's been an absolute dream. I'm following the guidelines on the Facebook Dog training and advice support group, and we haven't had a single accident in the house yet, and she sometimes naps in her crate (not closing the door.she just goes in and conks). I'm sleeping downstairs with her .
The second I'm awake she wants to play and we have mad half hours then she this ok?
She is glued to me like velcro..I can't leave a room without her crying unless someone else is here, but again the advice is don't. I'd rather like to go to the loo without her but hey ho!
I'm starting the morning with a wee then coffee and she looks sad that I'm not playing tug..and I feel guilty!
I'm taking her outside the house in my arms to have brief walks to the shop and to see and hear all the sounds and sights,
Is that enough? My (adult) children and husband all have great play sessions when they are home from work, I have play sessions thoughout the day when she's not napping.
Reassure me!
I'd like her to start sleeping without nearing to be next to me, but she cannot come upstairs yet as the cats need there as their safe space. Is it just a case of waiting? I am going to start flitting from room to room and hope she gets bored with following me!

PutyourtoponTrevor Thu 18-Jul-19 07:28:22

My dog's (lab) almost 7 and she still follows me around the house 😁

BiteyShark Thu 18-Jul-19 07:30:22

I guess it depends on what 'manual' you want to follow as it sounds like you are happy with the Facebook approach.

For me I started to get mine used to being left early on so he was behind baby gates or in his large crate for a few minutes building up that time. At first I used to just wander about the room and then I ventured behind the gate and then back again. Yes he cried a bit but I was happy with that in the day and I knew he didn't need to toilet etc. If you are in the camp of never letting them cry at all then continue to follow that advice and ignore what I did.

I also had periods where I didnt play or train etc so he got used to quiet times as I think it's essential that they learn to occupy themselves either with a toy or sleep. Remember getting them used to being calm and quiet without constant stimulation or interaction is just as much training as anything else. Obviously it's still early days if you are only on day 5 but it's something to think about.

StillMedusa Thu 18-Jul-19 08:26:53

That's kind of what I was wondering... obviously we want and need to play with her but I do want her to be able to self settle with toys or chews too.
I think I'm going to wander into the kitchen and back again today (there is a stairgate at the living room door) and just flit out of sight for seconds and see if I can build it from there.
I'd like to achieve peeing alone grin

Booboostwo Thu 18-Jul-19 09:00:16

She’s very young and it’s very early days. It’s a bit like worrying that you’ll have to do with your toddler the things you did when she was a baby. Playing when she needs to play is ideal because she can use her energy constructively and not direct it towards inappropriate chewing and distraction. At this age her needs have to be met quite quickly and she won’t be able to wait long for interaction, stimulation or energetic play. The following is normal too. Until 5 days ago she was always with someone from her litter, now she is substituting your family for her litter - it’s too big an ask to expect her to be alone. But it will come with time. The more secure she feels now the more likely she will be to be OK on her own later.

MsMarvellous Thu 18-Jul-19 10:12:27

I work from home so I'm around most of the time. We've had ours 4 weeks this weekend. I don't actively entertain him all the time. I'm around but 'absent' most of the time in that I'm doing jobs and working. But we have a walk about 10am. Games at lunchtime. A walk again in the afternoon. And cuddles and pats regularly. I leave him to do school run as he's not allowed on the playground.

SophyStantonLacy Thu 18-Jul-19 20:39:42

My puppy is about 4-5 months old (can’t remember!). I leave him at least twice a day, what with school run & shops etc. I aim for 2 walks a day, 3 x 10 mins or so of training, I probably only play with him for 10 mins or so. Kids play with him before/after school (toddler ignores him mostly). I want him to be pretty self sufficient though!

longearedbat Fri 19-Jul-19 16:29:57

We started to leave ours in the sitting room in her crate very early on. It was early evening, she would have had activity and a meal, so a good time for a nap. Meanwhile we decamped to the kitchen while we prepared supper. Very occasionally she would squeak, so I would just stick my head round the door and tell her to shush and go back to what I was doing. She soon got into this routine (and I didn't want her under my feet when I was cooking anyway).
I think too you almost have to enforce some downtime because they get over tired and can become even more bitey and manic. When she got like that I would ignore her and she usually gave up bothering me after a few minutes and went to sleep.
Mine is now 2 and a half and follows me everywhere, but I don't mind.

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