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Possible kennel cough at kennels

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shinynewapple Wed 17-Jul-19 07:13:32

DH and I have a nice weekend booked away in a hotel for our anniversary. DS is away with friends and ddog booked into lovely kennels where he's been before.

Had a phone call yesterday evening to say that two dogs who were recently staying with them have become unwell 2 days after leaving and vets words were that they had 'kennel cough symptoms '. None of dogs currently at kennels showing symptoms but apparently there is 4 days incubation period.

Ddog is 3 years old and has had vaccine. So probably less likely to get it due to vaccine and less severe if he did- but it's a risk.

Last night I sent emails to two other kennels and am waiting for response on availability- which may be doubtful due to short notice and school holidays. We've visited one of them previously but not the other. Either way they are unknown to our dog.

A couple of other options are

There is someone who I may be able to ask to house sit who knows ddog- but it's a friend of DS's, not sure I want a teenager I don't know that well alone in the house, possibly forgetting keys and leaving it untidy (they do)

We could see whether hotel would swap our dates which would also depend on our workplaces agreeing to changes dates during popular holiday period.

What would you do?

BiteyShark Wed 17-Jul-19 07:43:56

Where any dogs come into contact is a risk for kennel cough even with all the vaccinations so sending to another kennel may be as much of a risk although you won't know at the time.

I would ask what the original kennels are doing to 'contain and isolate' possibly infected dogs. Based on that information I would make a decision to either send him there or look for alternatives. Have you looked at people who board dogs in their own home?

SlothMama Wed 17-Jul-19 09:40:27

The vaccine only covers a few of the strains of kennel cough, so it's likely that your dog can pick it up. The kennels should be isolated the kennels which the dogs stayed in and be deeping cleaning them and the rest of the kennels.

Personally as kennel cough is no fun for the dog or owner I wouldn't send my dog there. Have you looked for a home boarder, or could a family member house sit?

Nesssie Wed 17-Jul-19 10:37:40

I'd send him anyway. No solid diagnosis of KC, no current boarders showing signs, dog is vaccinated against the most common strain, dog is happy at this kennels.

Unless your dog is sickly/old/a puppy KC is not the worst thing in the world and usually doesn't even require treatment.

adaline Wed 17-Jul-19 10:55:21

I wouldn't do anything.

The kennels have done the right thing by advising you of the situation - your dog is vaccinated - there's not much else that you (or they) can do. Dogs get kennel cough. You can't vaccinate against every strain of it. Unless your dog has underlying health issues or is very old/young I really wouldn't worry about it.

shinynewapple Wed 17-Jul-19 18:43:34

Thank you all for your replies.

We've decided that the best thing for our dog at this stage is to arrange for DS's friend to come and stop with him as he knows and likes her and she occasionally spends time alone in the house with him already as she is in college locally so sometimes comes to our house to wait for DS to finish work. My only reservations being that like most teenagers she can be a bit scatty but I think it's the best thing for ddog.

Regarding the suggestion of home boarding we had originally looked into this last year before we chose the kennels but when we made our initial visit it was obvious that the couple that the agency offered us were not a successful match with our young high energy dog so we decided that kennels may be less confusing for him.

One thing I have been planning to do for ages though is to try to find someone locally who could get to know him for occasional walks, day care and even overnight if needed and this has reminded me I really need to get on to this.

We've booked at the kennels again in September so fingers crossed everything is clear by then.

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