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Rabies vacc

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FunkySnidge Mon 15-Jul-19 10:58:02

I’ve given up waiting for brexit and will be getting my dog his pet passport.
Does anyone know what the difference is between the vaccine which lasts for one year and the one which lasts for 3 years before requiring a booster? The 3 year one is nobivac but not sure what the 1 year one is.
A quick ring around local vets hasn’t helped but they seem to do one or the other and I want to read up about it before taking my dog in. Obv the 3 year option seems preferable but I assume I’m missing something or why would some do a 1 year option?

MrsCasares Mon 15-Jul-19 20:55:28

Ddog has had a 3 yearly rabies vaccine in the UK and a yearly one in SPAIN (because he failed his rabies blood titre in Spain).

They appear to be the same vaccine.

MrsCasares Mon 15-Jul-19 20:57:43

If the dog is resident in Spain he has to have yearly rabies vax, although our Spanish vet said they overvax dogs in Spain.

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