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I never thought I’d need to ask this but has anyone had useful help from an allergist and been able to live better with their dog?

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BuildingQuote Sun 14-Jul-19 22:14:51

Our DD is just devoted (I mean seriously devoted) to our absolutely lovely dog and I have taken her to the GP as she has had months of awful coughing and a cold that just won’t go.

It only occurred to me tonight to look up dog allergy and I am so worried as it is our first dog and she’d never been like this before .

If I am right, has anyone found an allergist sorted their reaction?

Our DD has food allergies but never had hay fever or asthma or reacted to visiting dogs even when they stayed a few weeks. But it just seems quite a possible explanation

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Aram1nta Sun 14-Jul-19 23:00:30

You need to start with a few things

No rolling about with the dog for a while.

A daily antihistamine

Damp dust everywhere and hot wash bedding and anything dog lie on

Hoover thoroughly with your daughter out the house

Confine the dog where possible for now - don't allow upstairs or in her room

She needs to wash her hands and face after touching the dog

Look up 'petal cleanse'

You can't really pin everything on curing an allergy. She may grow a tolerance to the dog and she may not. Sensible steps for now as above and see what happens

Maybe a chat about what the end game may have to be if she doesn't improve

BuildingQuote Mon 15-Jul-19 01:15:17

Thank you so much. I’m really grateful for the reply and awake worrying. Allergies can be so cruel I just hope it isn’t that and will try all the steps you mention.

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Pipandmum Mon 15-Jul-19 01:19:06

Just get her tested. My son has allergies to dogs, cats and dust but I don’t do anything special. I have two non shedding dogs and had two cats. His allergy escalated when we visited someone with cats and he slept in a bed the cats slept in. We did have to get rid of our own cats after that.

cryer Mon 15-Jul-19 04:44:50

Yes my son is on allergy meds for it. They can do an oral spray these days instead of shots. He takes a daily antihistamine.

The dogs are allowed in part of the house with outside access. No dogs in bedrooms, no pj's in the dogs area. They are non shedding but we have pet specific vacuum cleaners. We wet wipe everything.

It's possible she has a dust allergy though. If it was dog she would likely react to its saliva.

cryer Mon 15-Jul-19 04:45:18

Is the coughing wet or dry?

BuildingQuote Mon 15-Jul-19 10:04:24

I would say a wet cough

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cryer Mon 15-Jul-19 11:16:43

I'd take her to a paediatric respiratory specialist in that case. Chronic bronchitis can present like this. Child has a chronic wet cough but is otherwise well.

BuildingQuote Mon 15-Jul-19 12:11:45

Thank you so much . I will try to find a GP as we are away .

That’s also helpful to know about reacting to dogs saliva as she doesn’t show a reaction and our dog licks her a lot!
I have stopped her sleeping on her bed as a precaution.

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orangeshoebox Mon 15-Jul-19 12:16:30

get her tested.
and if she is allergic then sadly you need to rehome the dog.

especially with her lung/asthmatic symptoms (because that's what the cough indicates) please don't take it lightly. asthma can kill.

BuildingQuote Mon 15-Jul-19 12:33:18

Is it reliable to test for?

Thank you all for your support . I used to notice threads like this and wonder how people could not know - she has had weeks living closely with a spaniel and also westie stay with us weekly before with no effect on her.
I find your answers really helpful to check this carefully and thank you

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orangeshoebox Mon 15-Jul-19 12:36:36

the tests are fairly reliable but the one with injections under the skin is more reliable than skin prick.

fur type of the dog can also play a role. I react really badly to dogs with oily fur (cockers, retrievers etc) possibly because the oily coat also reaps other allergens.

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