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Puppy walking help

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Whyisitallsostressful Sat 13-Jul-19 21:32:51

I’ve just joined the dog site that has been recommended to you above and one of the things they have said about walking new puppies, is not to have a set location in mind of where you need to get to or a timescale by which you need to get there either.

Instead of walking and expecting to go in a straight line they say to let your puppy enjoy snuffling around and even if you go a supper short way, that can be just as tiring for a puppy as the actual walking.

Perhaps your puppy would stop jumping up for a carry if he wasn’t worried that he had to keep up?

With the night time pooing, did you try mixing up your routine at all? My puppy started being more wakeful in the night & so I moved her dinner time back to 7ish and then last walk around 8.30pm. I think being energetic last thing at night then meant she does her last wee/poo around 11pm & is sleeping better.

Then your final point about nipping - the house line has worked so well for us with that. Mine nips when she’s overexcited or over tired. By keeping things calm and putting her on a short line, it’s almost like she suddenly realises she can chill out, then normally she’ll crash!

Good luck. It’s so exhausting!

Spidey66 Fri 12-Jul-19 11:35:12

Yeah, screech really loudly when he bites, thats what his litter mates would do and they know they've gone too far. Worked a treat for me. But it's something they grow out of.

Booboostwo Fri 12-Jul-19 11:19:17

On the jumping up while walking try some of these ideas to see if any help: if you think he is anxious try to manage his anxiety with Adaptil and or Zylkene. Don’t give him a chance to jump up by walking a lot faster than him. Teach him to target your hand with his nose, this is an activity that will keep all four feet on the ground. Try distracting him with a squeaky toy.

On the nipping: he should grow out of that although some are quite mouthy and still like chewing a lot until 12-18mo. Try distraction, so give him an appropriate chew to eat instead. Try squeaking really loudly when he nips as if you have been hurt, or try the opposite, as soon as he nips remove yourself from the situation to say “if you play like that, I don’t want to play with you”.

LoulabelleAndCo Thu 11-Jul-19 21:37:21

I shall join, thankyou.

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spot102 Thu 11-Jul-19 11:58:40

And don't worry about the adult teeth, in my experience they aren't so sharp so don't hurt as much. That's not to say don't stop dissuading them from biting, as they do need to know not to.

MsMarvellous Thu 11-Jul-19 11:52:29

Have you joined the recommended Facebook group from these parts: Dog Training Advice and Support

They have loads of great materials and training guides. And if the guides don't work out they can advise

Join us on the new puppy thread too if you're not already there.

LoulabelleAndCo Thu 11-Jul-19 11:31:50

Anyone with any advice please?

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LoulabelleAndCo Thu 11-Jul-19 07:48:44

I have a young puppy, his trainings going well except a couple of things. On his walks he's either pulling like mad or anxious and trying to get up my legs to be picked up(which I don't do ofc) so it's a nightmare... The pulling I'm sure we can get the hang of but the constant jumping up my legs makes it hard to walk as he's clinging on to them too! Family thinks it's for the treats but it's not, he's whining and when he walks nicely for the odd couple of seconds and I praise and try and reward, he doesn't want the treat. I think it anxiety(Internet says this too). I've tried stopping and turning away, I've tried keep pulling him down with a firm NO. He just keeps at it... My legs are covered in scratches, makes me feel mean walking him and its hard work.
The second is that he was dry at night and now without fail needs a poo at 4am...he is fed at 6pm, and poos after that and never needed to again until a week ago. I make sure he has no other food I've made dinner a bit earlier but still 4am...any ideas? Don't want this becoming normal routinehmm
Lastly(just thought as I wrote this) nipping... Any good tips on stopping this? He has got better, we put toys in his mouth straight away and if carries on time out... But the over excitement is when he does it harder and keeps at it. People said don't let him get over excited but it seems to happen so quickly just when playing. Worries me around the kids who are both under 10. He does love them and is very good with them in general but when excited can't seem to help himself! Still has baby teeth so doesn't damage but it does hurt when he does it hard! I think just keep at what we are doing with that or any other suggestions?
In general he's doing well but any advice on these little issues would be appreciated smile

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