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funkycoldmedina19 Thu 11-Jul-19 07:29:43

Hi all, I've unexpectedly ended up with my mums dogs for the next two weeks. These are the family dogs and I lived with them up until a year and a half ago so thankfully they both know me, my partner and our dd well, and they've both grew up with me.

However, they are spoilt and suffer separation anxiety from my mum/their home. They sleep on my mums bed at home but that's not possible here. Will they be okay in dog beds in the kitchen overnight? I've brought their dog beds from home.

Also, although house trained they can have accidents when nervous/over excited. Is it okay to leave them in kitchen with puppy mats and food/water while I go out? Won't be out long, just school run and a trip to the corner shop.

Anything else I should know?

Every time I've had them before it's been at my mums house where they are settled and rule the roost but now finding the practicalities quite different in my home.

Thanks in advance!

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funkycoldmedina19 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:24:47


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spot102 Thu 11-Jul-19 11:10:03

Personally I'd do whatever is practical and sensible for you. If don't want them in the bedroom, leave them elsewhere. The problem will be if they protest how much do you want to put up with? Mine protests (whines and barks) if put in a crate so so far has evaded going in a crate overnight!
Would certainly leave at home for short periods if not practical to take them particularly if they are used to being left. Might want to think about moving chewable objects though. I'd take the view my house, my rules and maybe adjust them if they caused too many problems.

spot102 Thu 11-Jul-19 11:13:34

Just to add sometimes it's better to take them out with you, gives them a walk/outing and stops them getting bored and causing trouble. Bit like kids really. But appreciate not always possible

Floralnomad Thu 11-Jul-19 11:15:23

Do you live far apart otherwise I’d be tempted to just move your family into their home rather than them coming to you as it will probably be way less problematic for them and hence for you .

missbattenburg Thu 11-Jul-19 11:15:58

Just to add, if they are not used to puppy mats then I wouldn't expect them to instantly know what they are for.

funkycoldmedina19 Thu 11-Jul-19 11:46:44

Unfortunately I can't stay at my mums place, it doesn't work with dd's school etc. They know how to use puppy mats, if my mums every out for more than a couple of hours then they've used them.

Currently they're both asleep on my knee, bless them. I've set there beds up in the kitchen and they had a lie down on them before and seemed okay. Haven't ate much food but they're fussy at the best of times so hoping they'll dig in once they feel a bit more settled.

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