Can any lurcher owners give me some advice? Possible lurcher adoption

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DreamingOfAFullNightsSleep Sat 13-Jul-19 23:00:04

Thanks ohdear2200 Ah, that sounds as I thought it might be. Good recall UNLESS a small furry is spotted.

Apparently this girl came in walking beautifully on the lead and is now pulling like a train, after 6 weeks of walks by volunteers etc. I hope we could get her back to walking well if i can persuade my husband to let me adopt her.

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OhDear2200 Fri 12-Jul-19 23:15:42

Not sure what at ‘toad walk’ is!

Road walk obvs!

OhDear2200 Fri 12-Jul-19 23:15:08

The other thing my boy is great at is walking on the lead - seriously I’ve never known a dog like him, it’s like we are in sink. He can’t bare tension on the lead so adjusts his pace to match mine. I’m used to crazy boxers who pull on the lead - it’s a dream!

So if I was you take him out for a toad walk, see how he’s on the lead.

OhDear2200 Fri 12-Jul-19 23:10:43

My lurcher boy has amazing recall, which he came with - I didn’t have to do a thing (apart from some practice at home with lots of cheese).

HOWEVER - if he’s ‘locked on’ to prey there is no stopping him. So I’m careful about where we let him off the lead - not near houses or roads. So we found lots of walks we feel safe with.

My lurcher was probably used for lamping in Ireland so I think he was trained very well. Many of the hunting lurcher can be.

He’s adapted very well to ‘retirement’ on the sofa.

If you go for it - take it very slowly, I made loads of mistakes at first and had some close calls with cats. The good thing is that enclosed fields seem to be quite popular now.

I adore my lurcher. ❤️

DreamingOfAFullNightsSleep Thu 11-Jul-19 23:47:21

She was left outside a shop aged about 5 or 6 months then has been with the same man since. He has given her up due to a change in circumstances, apparently nothing to do with her and he did say her recall was good. The form just has a box about walking on and off lead and it said "good" with no further details.
We let her off in a paddock at the centre with an 8' fence (as she can clear anything lower) and she came back with no issues. She does know this paddock well though- but we were strangers to her and she wswas very friendly. I really like her. She'd make a grest running buddy!

Hmmm. Not keen actually = really doesn't want a dog, another commitment, another expense. It says she can be left for 6 hours. I work term time only, 3.5 days a week (though possibly 4 til Christmas). My husband is often off one of those days but otherwise I'd be paying for day care or walker. This is a friend so i know she's lovely. But it'll hugely increase how much it costs to have her.

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CMOTDibbler Thu 11-Jul-19 08:13:52

I have two lovely rescue lurchers smile. Mine go off lead, run with us, go mountain biking with us, and recall with no problem. But not all lurchers are like that, mainly due to the vast majority being bred for coursing and coming into rescue after doing that. But if shes been surrendered then maybe it is not the case here.

Can you take her out in an enclosed field at the centre and do recall?

When you say your husband isn't keen on a dog, what does that look like? And how much will the dog be left while you are working?

DreamingOfAFullNightsSleep Wed 10-Jul-19 22:02:57

I work part time and have 3 young children (8, 7, 7). My oldest would love a dog, though she isn't a keen walker. I run, and my husband and I both like to walk. He isn't keen on a dog but I am.

We met a lovely 4.5 year old lurcher at our local rescue centre this week. Her surrender form says she has good recall, but no other details, such as whether this is in enclosed areas, safer areas, no chance of small furries around. She did also jump out over a 6' fence regularly at her last home.

My dsis has a pointer with iffy recall and many other 'faults', though he's a gorgeous dog, but the fear of letting him off the lead and him disappearing on any old scent is something I find incredibly hard.

Can a lurcher, as a sighthound, have decent recall when out on country walks, come for a run with me off lead, etc or is that a totslly unrealistic expectation for this breed??

Please can anyone give me any insight on life with a lurcher? Dh and I would both be first time dog owners.

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