Removing a tick from reluctant dog

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iismum Wed 10-Jul-19 13:58:42

Ddog has picked up a tick just near has eyebrow. DH has tried to remove it with a tick remover but Ddog is freaking out and won't let him. The vet just says to bring him in, but I think he will freak out even more if they try to do it. Any suggestions?

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Fortheloveofscience Wed 10-Jul-19 14:02:59

They often behave better for people who aren’t the owners, and I’m sure the nurses have de-ticked plenty of wriggly dogs. I’d take him in, the longer it stays there the more sore and inflamed the area will get. Poor pup.

Summertimeatthebeach Wed 10-Jul-19 14:08:57

Our local vet quoted £25 to remove a neighbor's ddog's tick. .
Worth another home attempt?
Can he have a scummy treat like a spoon of peanut butter to distract him?

Fortheloveofscience Wed 10-Jul-19 14:18:26

Our local vet quoted £25 to remove a neighbor's ddog's tick.

Ouch! Last time BigDog had a tick I couldn’t get i was only charged a fiver!

If it’s going to cost that much then I’d have another go with one person restraining/placating and the other on tick removal duty.

BiteyShark Wed 10-Jul-19 18:29:55

My dog always gets them around his eyes and eyelids. It's one of the reasons we treat with nexgard spectra so they die and easily fall out.

RLOU30 Wed 10-Jul-19 18:33:29

😩 the memory of last summer my dog was not having any of it and it was near his eye. Even the vet couldn't get near it. It was quite big by the time I noticed tbh I thought it was a wart until I see the legs moving 🤮 sorry not helpful.
The last resort (and people will probably flame me) I got a massive dab of Vaseline wipped it on to stop the thing breathing, 24 hours later it was clearly brown and dead 🤮 again and I just flicked it off when we were playing with the ball 🎾 lol. It probably would have fell off soon after though.

iismum Wed 10-Jul-19 20:55:49

We've tried the restraining, but it's not working. He's a rescue dog so may have had bad experiences in the past and we don't want to push it. Maybe we will try the vaseline ... I really don't want the tick to fall off and then lurk around the house waiting for someone else - yuck!

How does the nexgard spectra work? Does it make dogs unpalatable to ticks? We should probably try that.

Thanks for all the advice.

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twinnywinny14 Wed 10-Jul-19 22:32:39

Our dog had one near her eyebrow and it was so hard to remove. The vet looked and didn’t want to do it so near the eye so we left it and it died and fell off eventually. He did say he could muzzle her if needed to get it out but was happy to leave it x

BiteyShark Thu 11-Jul-19 05:09:59

Nexgard spectra is a monthly tablet which kills worms (including lung worm), fleas and ticks. The tick dies within 24 hours and then it falls out easily.

You can also get seresto tick collars which work for up to 8 months but we prefer the tablet which does everything.

powershowerforanhour Thu 11-Jul-19 05:32:00

The last resort (and people will probably flame me) I got a massive dab of Vaseline
As long as you don't flame the dog 😉 (happens when people google how to remove ticks, apply the Vaseline, get impatient and move on to the next suggestion- a lighted match- without thinking of the consequences even though Vaseline tins say "petroleum jelly" on them).
Unless the tick was picked up in a really Lyme-prevalent area, I'd leave it, or Vaseline it and leave it, and wait for it to drop off rather than risk making the dog more headshy for the future.

Then steadily get to work- or continue to work- on your dog accepting handling of his head, feet etc. The "bad experiences" in the history of a rescue dog (or any dog) that owners often guess at often amount to simply a lack of being accustomed to close handling of head (including mouth), body, legs, feet and tail as a young pup with daily practice into adolescence.
A few rescue dogs have had seven shades of shite kicked out of them but most have simply had previous owners who didn't bother their arses to spend a few minutes' effort doing this each day.

Pringle89 Thu 11-Jul-19 08:20:04

We had the same but on the end of his nose! Ended up going to vets and he had to be sedated as wouldn’t let them get it out either! Ended up costing over £100 with antibiotics as well (was a bit inflamed)! We now treat with bravecto, if they get a tick and you can’t remove it just dies and falls off without having to worry!

Theoscargoesto Thu 11-Jul-19 17:28:45

I am sure I read on here that covering it with vaseline is a really bad idea, it makes the tick vomit back into the dog and if it's an infected tick that can cause lots more problems. Unless I dreamed that.....

RLOU30 Thu 11-Jul-19 17:59:39

I'm not sure about the vomit bit but it certainly isn't the best idea especially if infected. We did it as a last resort only when the vet confirmed it wouldn't be infected as it was too old.

RLOU30 Thu 11-Jul-19 18:00:27

Literally used everything else from the vets and the thing just kept growing and growing it was huge 🤮

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