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DDog diagnosed with heart murmur

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Nobhobs Wed 10-Jul-19 12:45:10

So very sad. Just taken our one year old cavalier in for his booster vaccinations to be told he has a heart murmur. They said it's not a bad one and nothing to worry about as of yet, but I'm definitely worried.

I knew they could suffer later in life, I had one growing up who got quite ill when he was about 12. I just didn't think it could happen so early on.

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BorderlineExperimental Wed 10-Jul-19 15:18:17

I'm sorry to hear about your dog's diagnosis flowers

If you're anything like me and find obsessively researching comforting then the Cavalier Health MVD page is excellent. Although it's rather sobering reading it does point out that some CKCSs who have mild murmurs detected do go on for years without any drastic progression.

MattMagnolia Thu 11-Jul-19 19:25:51

Hope your Cavalier has a happy life but after 12 years besotted with them I have a different breed now. The health problems are just too pervasive and serious. They shouldn’t be bred or sold. Most people buying a darling little Cavalier are buying heartbreak.

adaline Thu 11-Jul-19 20:58:22

Oh I'm sorry OP thanks

Unfortunately cavaliers are becoming increasingly unhealthy sad

Booboostwo Fri 12-Jul-19 11:21:37

Don’t panic. What grade heart murmur, is it worse after exercise and what is causing it? Many heart murmurs are unproblematic and don’t affect the animal at all. The ones that do cause problems can often be controlled with medication, I had a Spitz who lives 8 years with a mitral valve problem and died at 15yo which is not bad going for any dog. If you can, go see a heart specialist vet who can do an ultrasound and properly diagnose the severity of the problem.

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