Conflicting advice re toilet training ...

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Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 08:01:47

Have a pup coming very soon. Iv booked puppy classes and had a chat with the trainer (who’s a behaviourist) and she was saying with toilet training not to give pup treats when he goes outside, just to praise. Reason being they tend to do a quick wee just to get the treat and won’t have an empty bladder and still risk finishing the wee indoors. Breeder says different and to treat.... she suggested I could treat every other wee if I wanted to.

Any suggestions? It’s my first puppy....

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dgc4rter Wed 10-Jul-19 08:28:24

I used to treat puppy when she went outside to do a wee but I think it got to the point where she would just go through the motion to get a treat. So, I'd go with the trainer's advice and not give a treat, just praise.

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 08:36:45

I guess if he’s never had a treat for a wee he won’t expect it?

She also said to set an alarm twice in the night to take him out for a wee for about 2 weeks ..... that FB group about training everyone on here recommends said not to do that..... aaaaaahhhhh!

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ErrolTheDragon Wed 10-Jul-19 08:52:01

* I guess if he’s never had a treat for a wee he won’t expect it?*

Yes. Pups will do a lot for praise, and it's free, unlimited and always available unlike treats.grin
Also, maybe you know this but if he goes in the house mop it up with an old towel or suchlike, use a spray to eradicate the smell, and take the smelly towel outside and let the pup sniff it there - helps them understand where wee does and doesn't go.

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 09:15:12

Thank you yes someone passed that tip on to me on here. Which is the best spray to use for indoors? They don’t all have great reviews

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Wolfiefan Wed 10-Jul-19 09:18:30

Just a plug for Dog Training Advice and Support on FB. They have great files on toilet training and bringing a pup home.
We didn’t treat. Just lots of praise. Plus use a word of your choice when they pee. That means when they have the hang of it you can ask the dog to pee before getting in the car or going to the vets etc.

Dec2019mumtobe Wed 10-Jul-19 09:49:18

Just another helpful hint that came from a dog training class. We found saying "toilet" when they go out for a wee/poo is good too. They learn to associate the word with the wee/poo/going outside.

I can ask my adult dogs now "toilet?" And if they want it, they'll let us know! They'll jump up out of their beds. If they don't, they'll just stay lying there.

My family have done the same with all their dogs too.


Dec2019mumtobe Wed 10-Jul-19 09:49:44

Oh meant to add, no treats here. Only praise.

BiteyShark Wed 10-Jul-19 11:36:42

The key is everyone has an opinion on how you should do things. Pick the one you are most happy with.

I didn't use treats but he just wasn't getting it. I then used treats to get him to understand and then stopped using them and went back to praise.

I did set an alarm in the night as that worked well for us. Other people don't and that's fine as well.

BKJ89 Wed 10-Jul-19 11:41:46

We had ours housetrained quite quickly with the inevitable accident inside the house at the beginning. We got into the habit of saying the words 'do a wee wee' while they were weeing outside then when they finished lots of 'good boy' 'clever boy' praise and rubs on the tummy (his favourite). Took a lot of watching him when he was walking around inside to make sure he wasn't showing signs of 'preparing' inside. The usual sniffing a lot in one place, circling an area, hiding. Then carrying him outside and going through the motions of saying 'do a wee wee'. Neighbours must have thought we were nuts ha. Even now he's older we still praise him for doing his business outside. It's not the easiest but wouldn't recommend treating for the reasons mentioned by other posters x good luck grinxx

adaline Wed 10-Jul-19 12:40:50

It depends on the dog, I think.

Some are quite happy to do things for praise - some don't give two shites whether you're happy with them or not and won't do anything unless they get a treat or you out of it.

Mine had treats at first, then praise, and now he gets nothing except a quick "good boy".

SophyStantonLacy Wed 10-Jul-19 12:44:51

I don't think you have to pick one or the other really - not that I am an expert! Only house trained one puppy ever. But we did a mix of treating & praising. They aren't exclusive.

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 12:58:05

On that page wolfie is where I was talking about. They say don’t set an alarm to take them out in the night.... trainer says do it for about 2 weeks.....

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BKJ89 Wed 10-Jul-19 13:58:37

We didn't set alarms to let ours out but we did keep puppy training pads right next to the door. He didn't use them so ended up not bothering x

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 14:01:00

bk so your pup never needed a wee at night?! Don’t know what to do with him then!!

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stucknoue Wed 10-Jul-19 14:06:57

I praised never treated, they learn very quickly and you don't want them associating routine behaviours with treats

stucknoue Wed 10-Jul-19 14:07:52

Oh and never got up to him in the night and left him alone to go to work from day one. Was fine

Ingurr Wed 10-Jul-19 14:08:16

My husband has been getting up at 1.30am and 5am to put our 15 week puppy out since we got him at 8 weeks. He's done very few wees and poos in the house. He has just started going to the back door to indicate that he needs to do a wee or poo.
We haven't given him treats for doing a wee or poo, just praise but he does get treats for sitting, coming when called and staying.

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 14:11:20

I go to bed early but also am always up by 6am..... I go to bed about 9... what should I do at night? Take him out twice or just once?

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BorderlineExperimental Wed 10-Jul-19 14:39:38

All puppies are different but none of my four ever needed to go out twice a night as puppies. I've also never set an alarm, I sleep with the puppy and when they start stirring it wakes me up. I can then nip them outside and have them back in bed pretty much before they've fully woken up. As they got older they just naturally started sleeping through.

Setting an alarm, especially twice a night, when the puppy may or may not actually need to go out seems like an unnecessary interruption to sleep for both of you.

longearedbat Wed 10-Jul-19 14:52:57

I used to take mine out once, usually about 4 hours after going to bed. Twice would have been a killer. She used to wake up and fidget in her crate (never cry) when she needed to go. (crate in bedroom). The going out time got later and later, over a period of 3 months, until she was going all night. She never had any accidents at night (but was like a dripping tap during the day!)
I didn't treat for peeing. Like others, I use a phrase ('spend a penny'), and now she will more or less pee/poo on demand, as long as she wants to go, of course. Open the back door, tell her to go out and spend a penny and she does. Very useful on wet winter nights.

redbigballoon Wed 10-Jul-19 15:47:39

I'd get up in the night to start with. The issue is once they wee in their crate or basket in kitchen it's hard to stop it. Twice for the first few days and then once a night maybe for a few weeks. My top tip is lift them out of the crate until they get the idea, as they may step out and wee instantly. Also good idea to get them used to having a lead on as some can have issues weeing on a lead etc.

It's exhausting having a new pup, but worth getting the toilet training sorted ASAP. They also get up early and then go back to sleep just as you feel awake.

I didn't give treats for weeing, but I did say "wee" when they did it and once finished a good. Too much fuss can cause weeing when someone pets them.

What breed are you getting?

My pup took to toilet training really quickly.

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 16:47:02

Thanks everyone. He’s a mini dachshund so not the best of history with toilet training hence why I want to my utmost to help him get it right! I’m around all the time so will be taking him out every 20 mins in the day and watching to learn his cues.

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ErrolTheDragon Wed 10-Jul-19 18:50:35

I'm on my second dachshund, standard not mini, DHs third - I don't believe we found them any harder to toilet train than any other type of dog. It's possibly slightly harder to detect when they're about to go into a squat.grin

Inbedbynine Wed 10-Jul-19 19:10:51

Thanks errol that makes me feel better! I’m determined to give it my all to help him!

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