Flea help please!

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Belkinsboo Mon 08-Jul-19 17:48:04

My elderly lab has fleas, not sure how as treated regularly and never had a problem before (she’s 16).

Have started the whole hoover/spray(Indorex)/wash everything routine, dog treated with Bravecto and have a pest controller coming in tomorrow to spray the house properly. However the vet said today that I shouldn’t let my 8mth old baby down on the floor for the next 3mths, nor have visitors.

So now I’m looking into renting a holiday home for the summer as I literally can’t keep hold of the baby for the next 3mths. Is this really necessary?!

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AnnieOH1 Mon 08-Jul-19 17:56:24

We routinely use Ardap spray which is safe once dry in public areas and food prep areas. Its £15 for 750ml from Amazon. Made in Germany and very efficient against any and all bugs/fleas/spiders/caterpillars etc. It is use by veterinary practices, restaurants, livery yards, kennels etc. Its absolutely not a "move out for x months" job, just a "let it dry" job. Lasts for 6 weeks on treated areas.

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