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Puppy constantly looking for and stealing food

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Spidey66 Mon 08-Jul-19 11:37:21

Maggie is a 5 month old border collie. Obviously she is very active.

Generally she's a well behaved dog, loves having a fuss, can be taken to the pub etc and will sit quietly. We recently took her to Cornwall on holiday. We're in London, so a long journey, but she was fine in the car, and seemed to enjoy the holiday (loved the beach!)

The difficulty is she's a really greedy girl and it can be problematic. For example she stole a chicken breast from the kitchen table when my husband's back was turned and also stole a scone from the back of a baby buggy on holiday. Yesterday we went to a street festival and there was a lot of street food and we had to keep her on a short lease to stop her stealing food. We also had to keep a close eye on her as she's the right size to steal cake or ice cream from a toddler.

Today I went into the kitchen and she'd climbed via a chair onto the kitchen table and appeared to have tried and failed to get into a jar of jam.

She eats 1/2 a tin of dog food twice a day, often with some cold hot dog sausages, plus she loves bones and will be given treats for training. She also gets given raw carrots to gnaw on, and the occasional chicken wing to chew. We used to give her dry as well but she used to get the runs and the trainer in the puppy class we went to said dry food can cause it so we stopped and it improved.

She looks a healthy weight, has a glossy coat and as mentioned plenty of energy.


LaurieFairyCake Mon 08-Jul-19 11:41:45

So that's one 400g tin of dog food a day? I've no idea if that's enough - can you check?

I feed my dog raw food - she's 10 kilos and eats 250g of raw meat a day. Which is just meat and bone

I'm wondering if there's something unsustaining in the tins - too many carbs or something?

Some dogs are notoriously greedy though. I can leave food out and my dog doesn't go near it.

Carlamity Tue 16-Jul-19 22:21:07

We have a 9 month Border Collie who's also always scavenging for food. He has the recommended amount of dry food per day according to the packet. We swapped to a grain free food which seems to agree with him much better. He still tries to steal food whenever possible. He looks strong and healthy, and is currently a good normal weight.

From meeting many other older Border collies on walks, they do seem to have a tendency to be a bit overweight. I think it may well be a trait of the breed unfortunately. Ours also is a rescue who was underfed in the past, so this has increased his desire to always be on the hunt for food.

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