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ChestyNut Sun 07-Jul-19 17:22:31

Chestypup is 9 months old.
Fully toilet trained during waking hours.
Has a crate she loves, safe space etc

Overnight she does 1x pee and 1x poop in the kitchen angry
We’ve tried
Back to basics, reinforcing command, treat when goes outside.
Staying up TIL midnight and getting up at 6 am.
If we close her crate door she holds it and goes outside when I get up but I want to be able to let her have the run of the house.

She has lots of attention, training classes, puppy play, exercise etc.


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OverFedStanley Sun 07-Jul-19 17:27:35

If we close her crate door she holds it and goes outside when I get up There is your answer. She is happy and more relaxed when the crate door is shut so she sleeps and does not wake up hence no wees or poos. Keep the door shut

I want to be able to let her have the run of the house. she doesn't need the run of the house at night she needs to sleep

BiteyShark Sun 07-Jul-19 17:31:43

Did you use puppy pads at all when she was a puppy? Just wondering if there was 'something' she is associating that is ok to pee or poo on in the night?

The obvious thing is she doesn't want to toilet in her bed but if outside the crate it's ok as she can toilet away from it. Perhaps get up a few times in the night and let her out and praise so she understands that at night outside is still the correct place?

Could you even hear her at night if she wanted to go out? My dog when younger never made much of a noise other than a scratch at the door but now as an adult he will bark and bark to let me know. Any chance of using a camera or baby monitor so you can hear and see her at night?

ChestyNut Sun 07-Jul-19 18:02:02

We did for a short while, never used them just used to shred them!

I’m so loathe to get up in the night, only getting 6 hours and work full time sad

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BiteyShark Sun 07-Jul-19 18:07:04

I think I would then either stick to the crate at night or just put up being tired for a few nights to see if it fixed it as I would hate to have to clean up pee and poo every morning before work.

OrchidInTheSun Sun 07-Jul-19 18:08:42

Shut her in the crate overnight. She doesn't need the run of the house right now, she's a puppy. She'll get the hang of it when she's a bit older

adaline Sun 07-Jul-19 20:13:33

Why don't you just shut her in the crate at night if that's what works? She doesn't need to have run of the house at nighttime, she needs to sleep.

We got up in the night with ours as he wasn't crated but that doesn't work for everyone. He sleeps in our room and let us know when he needed to go out. He's 18 months now and I can't even remember the last time he asked to go out at night. He can hold it from 10pm to 8am if needs be. He soon learnt that nighttime wake-ups meant boring toilet breaks on the lead in the garden and then back to bed!

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