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Elderly (but healthy) dog

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pigsDOfly Mon 08-Jul-19 13:46:26

Oh great, pleased it worked.

OrrAppleCheeks Mon 08-Jul-19 09:55:10

Hadn’t thought of that! Tried it this morning and he wolfed it down smile

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pigsDOfly Sun 07-Jul-19 23:42:05

Is his food served warm, that's usually good for stimulating appetite.

OrrAppleCheeks Sun 07-Jul-19 14:36:13

My very old dog (large-ish terrier) has gone off his usual food - he's been checked over by the vet and appears to be healthy and not in any pain, although his teeth aren't great. He'll happily eat food that he fancies but loses interest if we don't vary it. At the moment, he'll eat chopped hard-boiled egg, tinned tuna in spring water and plain cooked minced chicken or turkey, bulked out with some boiled white rice, potato or porridge oats and a bit of pureed/mashed cooked vegetable.

Any idea what else I might try? The vet wants us to give him to sell us a vet food diet but I'd rather not - he's always had a largely raw diet and I'd rather not move to too much processed food at this stage.

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