Puppy proofing the house

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StillMedusa Sun 07-Jul-19 11:40:43

Puppy comes home next sunday (pics will be posted!) and so this week is prep week.
No kids but a house full of adult children who leave shoes and phone cables around... they have been warned!
I'm busy moving furniture to make our home as pup friendly as possible, cat has a high up bed which we have been training her into using for a few months now, and getting her used to coming in the upstairs bedroom window so can can avoid puppy as I am in no doubt that she is going to be very unimpressed. I'm not sure about stair gates yet ..but am thinking of a playpen (have a crate as intend to use one as a safe space/den)
I've dug up unsafe plants from the garden which is secure.
Anything obvious that I'm missing? First dog and I am excited and nervous about the first days!
I'm not sure whether to sleep downstairs with her next to her crate or to bring it up into our bedroom at night... (whatever gets me the most sleep!)
Her travel crate, blankie and a toy is with the breeder and yesterday the puppies were playing with them so they should smell comforting for the journey home.
Any other things I need to think of? I'm going to sort insurance this week, and register with my vet (she's had her first vaccination).

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BiteyShark Sun 07-Jul-19 11:53:46

I found confining puppy to one room was the easiest in the first few weeks. My large kitchen diner was as puppy proofed as you could get yet we still had to tie up the blinds that he liked to hang on to.

Baby gates are invaluable in my opinion and we even use them now (getting close to 3 years old). Not only does it keep them safe but it helps when you want them to get used to you being away from them as they can see you but not follow.

Be aware that some puppies will dig and try and eat stones so whilst you have got rid of the toxic plants you may still have to cordon off parts of the garden until they grow up.

As for shoes we had to keep them locked in another room for many months. He now ignores them. Other things to consider is clothes left around. Socks are very attractive and easily swollowed and can cause blockages. Read the adult children the riot act on things being left lying about as it's not just that they can get damaged but can also lead to emergency vets runs.

StillMedusa Sun 07-Jul-19 12:26:34

Socks! Good point, thank you!!! DS2 tends to take his off and abandon them.
Our house is a bit of an odd shape so the living room will have to be the main spot but I think I'll get a gate to divide it from the hallway just so there is no possibility of anyone leaving the front door wide open and puppy escaping. Maybe one in the kitchen too so I can keep her safely with me in there (or in the hall if I'm cooking)
Off to Argos shortly!

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