Why does she do this?

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NewYoiker Sun 07-Jul-19 01:56:38

8 month old border Terrier. If you go upstairs for a shower or are longer than 10 minutes when you come downstairs, she'll run/ walk into the kitchen with something in her mouth..

It could be a toy, a leaf, sometimes she'll go into the living room and pick up something special. She's wagging her tail and obviously we praise her for not mouthing us, but did we cause this behaviour by giving her a toy when she tried to mouth us? Is it okay for her to do this?

She makes a lot of noise when she's doing it, like a low happy growl I can't really describe it any other way! And she's wagging her tail so much her bum is nearly next to her face 😂 I tried add a video but I can't so I've added a photo

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 07-Jul-19 02:53:07

PestDog is similar - when you come home, once he's had initial hellos he'll run off and find you a ball or prized squeaky toy and present it to you

I like to think it's a welcome home gift, but in reality he just wants a game of fetch....

Aquamarine1029 Sun 07-Jul-19 02:57:25

She's still a "child" and wants to please you with her treasures. Stay consistent with training and praise. She will grow out of this phase.

BorderlineExperimental Sun 07-Jul-19 04:00:06

It just sounds like an expression of excitement/happiness.

One of my whippets does exactly the same thing whenever I’m prepping their food. He grabs a toy which he then parades around grumbling happily, occasionally dropping it so he can roo at me for good measure. Another just does the happy grumbles whilst trying to encourage me more quickly in the direction of the food cupboard grin

NewYoiker Sun 07-Jul-19 04:44:51

@BorderlineExperimental aw they sound amazing! Glad it's not just her!

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BiteyShark Sun 07-Jul-19 06:27:51

Mine panics if there are no toys about as he 'has' to have something in his mouth when he greets us. I used to think it was instinct as he's a gundog and from working lines.

Even in the mornings he grabs one of his toys and then comes all happy and tail wagging to indicate it's time to get up.

adaline Sun 07-Jul-19 07:17:30

She wants to play!


butterflywings37 Sun 07-Jul-19 07:17:42

My dogs do this when I arrive back and it's excitement that I'm back and a request to play.

Warmhandscoldheart Sun 07-Jul-19 07:32:16

NewYoiker What an absolute cutie.
Mine does this too when he wants to play, love that happy growl smile

Nesssie Mon 08-Jul-19 10:34:14

My 5 year old dog still does this. He will panic if someone enters the house and he can't find something to 'present' to you!

It definitely stopped the excited mouthing and he looks flipping cute- this great big dog with a stuffed teddy in his mouth!

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