More of a WWYD?!

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picklemepopcorn Sat 06-Jul-19 15:01:56

Take him over to the door and treat him. Treat him when he looks at the door. Treat him when the door is open. Teach him that the door is nothing to worry about.

Toooldfornonsense Sat 06-Jul-19 15:00:23

Meant yappy not happy....

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Toooldfornonsense Sat 06-Jul-19 14:59:38

We have a 1yr old cross breed (cavalier and Pomeranian) absolutely lovely dog with the family but can be happy outside if he sees something a bit different. We back on to two garages which have 2 doors to the side. One for access for our next door neighbour and the other for access for a neighbour in the adjoining street. The neighbours in the adjoining street are leaving their side door open every weekend (at least 2 days and overnight) which makes our dog bark at it constantly. They have even “just opened” it as I let him out into our garden and he barks incessantly. Obvs I bring him in straight away. What do we do about this? I know it’s all about training but he’s an anxious dog and he just wants to guard us. I’m reluctant to go round to the house as they’ve previously shouted “shut your dog up!”. What do I do?!

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