Puppy had accident indoors

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BiteyShark Fri 05-Jul-19 18:20:53

Mine was exactly the same. He was toilet trained but up to the age of around 1 he had two isolated accidents. No reason at all for them but they really were a one off and he hasn't had any since.

However, what I did was for the next couple of days after each was to take him out a few times and praise like mad for toileting in the garden just like I did when he was a puppy.

Buddytheelf85 Fri 05-Jul-19 18:17:00

Hi everyone

Paranoid first-time dog owner here so if I’m being a total drama queen please feel free to tell me smile

We have a six month old Labrador pup. We’ve crate-trained him at night and he hasn’t had a single accident in the house for about two months - until today, when he did a great big wee under the dining room table! It wasn’t as though he couldn’t get out to the garden either - the back door was open.

Is it normal for them to forget occasionally - I wondered whether it could be the warm day or the onset of his teenage phase - or do you think I should take him to the vet to rule out anything serious like a bladder infection? He’s just been so reliable for ages now so it’s really odd! He seems well though.

Sorry if I’m being ridiculous - I’m just a worrier!

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