If you crate your puppy...

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PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 12:34:51

and you are both happy, please can you tell m how you made it work?

e.g. what kind of crate do you have and where in the house do you keep it? How is the crate used? Also ,would you mind sharing a picture of your pup's crate?

I have read some good advice about crating online and in a couple of books but I find it hard to visualise how it would all work for some reason.

We are looking to welcome a puppy in the autumn and I am trying to learn as much as possible to be prepared.

Thank you!

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BiteyShark Fri 05-Jul-19 12:42:43

I crated my dog up to the age of 1.

We ditched the crate after that as he started to resist a bit going in it and at that time he had grown up and could be trusted to not chew things he shouldn't.

Although my dog is a working cocker I got the largest crate I could find online (think it was something like an XXL). This is because I simply wanted it to be a safe place rather than for toilet training.

BiteyShark Fri 05-Jul-19 12:44:19

Sorry forgot to say we had it in the kitchen diner as that is where we spent most of our time.

ConversationCoat Fri 05-Jul-19 12:48:07

My DDog has always slept in his crate. We got a large one (for his adult size) and sectioned it off while he was still small. The smaller space motivates them not to wee. Having said that, I would get up a couple of time in the night and take him out for a wee until his bladder got bigger. You can expect them to hold for as many hours as they are months old (rough guide from our dog trainer).
There were a few misses though, which is to be expected.
We would randomly throw treats in the crate throughout the day. Or put them in there while he wasn't looking for him to find when he went to bed.
As an eight year old, he takes himself off to his crate when we are watching tv. Loves it.
No one (ie kids) are allowed to bother him while he's in there.
Hope this is helpful. Enjoy your pup!

PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 12:49:38

Thank you bitey

did you have something like this one www.amazon.co.uk/Cozy-Pet-Northern-Scottish-Highlands/dp/B00QS0RFYU/ref=sr_1_28_sspa?psc=1&s=gateway&keywords=crate+dog+blue+xxl&tag=mumsnetforu03-21&qid=1562327219&sr=8-28-spons

I haven't owned a dog before. How long would you crate you dog for. Was it just for sleeping or did you leave the house with pup in the crate?

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CMOTDibbler Fri 05-Jul-19 12:49:41

I foster puppies for a rescue, and with a few exceptions, all are crate trained (I've had over 40 pups), and we crate trained our own dogs -they don't go in one routinely now but its very useful on holiday.

I have medium, large and XL crates - my adult lurchers fit in the XL, and if I have two larger pups they go in there. Current pup is in the medium and as a 6 month old whippety lurcher would just be moving up to the large now.
The crate is in the dining room. At night I cover it with a fleece blanket so it stays nice and dark

OverFedStanley Fri 05-Jul-19 12:50:28

I always crate train my puppies, foster dogs etc.

I have various sizes of metal crates. They are usually in the kitchen and when puppies are very little I have one in the sitting room as well.

When the dogs have just arrived I tend to stay in the kitchen with them for several days as they settle down. I will fed in the crate (not shutting the door) and will drop treats into the crate throughout the day. This means the experience of the crate is positive. When the puppy falls asleep which is lot to start with I pop the into the crate (with the door open) and let them sleep in there during the day.

At bedtime I will wait until the puppy is tired and pop into crate after final wee etc. I sleep next to the crate again with door open for several nights.

Depending on the puppy I will start to do crate games (Se Susan Garett crate game videos on youtube) after a few days. If the puppy goes into the crate voluntarily (which they will) they always get rewarded.

Again depending on the puppy I will begin to shut the door when they eat their meal and after playing the crate games as this will teach the puppy about the door opening etc.

The advantages for me of crate training are that it is a life skill.
All dogs at some point in their lives with need to be crated - vets etc and this is a skill that I can teach them.
It is great to have an area the dog can chill in undisturbed. It is a clear signal to children, adults in the house to leave the dog alone when it is in its crate.
If you stay anywhere else your dog will be completely happy if it is able to have its crate
It helps to teach impulse control
It helps to get dogs happy in the car
People say it can help with toilet training -Although this is not the reason I would use a crate.


ConversationCoat Fri 05-Jul-19 12:51:03

Oh yeah - blanket over to keep out the draft and place it somewhere out of the way but still nearby if possible

Brakebackcyclebot Fri 05-Jul-19 12:53:16

Our puppy has a crate. If you Google how to help a puppy feel at home there are lots of ideas. We used a lot of treats to encourage him in, hide them in the blankets. We also put in a blanket he took a shine to, a top of mine (although this got ruined the 1st night and pood on!). During the day the door is open & he chooses to sleep there now. It needs to be their safe place. Lots of praise for going in & settling. Freedom to go in & out of it. We close it at night - he'd chew everything if not! Pic attached. It's pretty large, plenty of room to move about at the moment.

PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 12:53:40

Thank you conversation

Questions and more questions...

How do you make the crate cosy? e.g. puppy blanket?

Do you leave his food bowl in the crate?

How about using a toddler play pen something like this? www.preciouslittleone.com/product-information/81/37209/hauck-baby-park-playpen-/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8-rvztud4wIVFIGyCh19kwAHEAkYESABEgISG_D_BwE

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OverFedStanley Fri 05-Jul-19 12:54:47

You do not need a massive crate unless you have a large dog - the idea is that is a cosy space for them.

If I leave the puppy I would crate them BUT the timing of when I left would be when they are either napping or need a nap.They are not left for very long periods of time.

Some puppies if left will get stressed and cause more damage to them and the house but if crated you are reassured they are safe - if crate trained

Brakebackcyclebot Fri 05-Jul-19 12:58:29

We use the crate if we go out. Never more than a couple of hours. He's safe there and so's the house! Treats when we go and lots of praise. Treats when we get back and straight out to the garden to wee!

We have another in the car so he's safe if we have to travel and he's got his safe place wherever we go.

PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 13:00:58

ohh lots of useful replies, thank you flowers.

We have a family room / conservatory type of space at the back of the house and a smaller front room study, which also has a guest bed. The back room is where we all are most of the time, it's very bright (not sure if this matter interns of sleeping through) the front room is next to the kitchen where we also spend lots of time but that room is a bit more tucked away and quiet. Where would be best?

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PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 13:03:02

Brakebackcyclebot is that a 30" or 36" crate?

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OverFedStanley Fri 05-Jul-19 13:05:28

I always use vet bed, easy to wash , keeps the puppy the correct temperature. You can get it cheaper from ebay

I use this type of water bowl

I don't feed from a bowl but if I did I would not leave in the crate.

What type of puppy are you getting? re size

OverFedStanley Fri 05-Jul-19 13:06:05

I would put in the room you are in most

Brakebackcyclebot Fri 05-Jul-19 13:08:06

Put it in the place you spend most time. Our pup just wants to be with us. He akso dozes in the lounge on the rug when we're in there of an evening.

Our one is 41" long, 27" high. He's a lab so will get quite big quite fast!

Wolfiefan Fri 05-Jul-19 13:10:30

There’s a FB group dog training advice and support. They have brilliant files on bringing a pup home and toilet training and crating too.
We crates. Puppies chew. It was for her safety. But I slept by the crate to start with. Good on you for being prepared. So many people don’t. Good luck with your new addition.

Brakebackcyclebot Fri 05-Jul-19 13:10:58

We don't feed him in the crate either

OverFedStanley Fri 05-Jul-19 13:14:44

Have you read the best puppy book ever? From your user name you may have smile

easy peasey puppy squeasy puppy book

PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 13:31:12

OverFedStanley I'm reading it right now! smile hence the name

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PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 13:32:01

"There’s a FB group dog training advice and support. They have brilliant files on bringing a pup home and toilet training and crating too." I'll make sure to take a look at this group, sounds very useful.

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PuppySqueezy Fri 05-Jul-19 13:34:20

OverFedStanley Vet bed is some sort of blanket, is this right?

Do you attach the water bowl on the inside of the crate?

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OverFedStanley Fri 05-Jul-19 13:54:21

I put water bowl inside the crate

Yes vet bed is more like a mat than a blanket. It lets moisture through so is always dry and tends to regulate the dogs temperature. Really easy to wash - It is like a deep fleece

Glad you have the book - it is brilliant smile

billhubbard Fri 05-Jul-19 13:57:52

We didn't crate train as such , but we brought biggest crate we could get for our staffy when he was a pup (he's 6 now ) , it has a black blanket over it to keep it dark and it's go to chill place .
We call it his recharging dock 😁 the longer he is in there the more recharged he is .
It lives in the hall , so he can keep an eye on comings and goings but gives him the space he needs .
Only time he's shut in it is when he is wet after a walk so he goes in on a towel with a chew until he is dry .
He always goes there mid evening when he's tired and bored with us unless he hears the biscuit tin 😁
Hope all goes well with new dog 🐕

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