Does your dog like playing with bubbles?

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Spidey66 Thu 04-Jul-19 09:55:52

My 5 month old border collie is totally obsessed with bubbles. She loves them, they're her favourite game. When I take her to the park I play bubbles with her, and she gets a really, really good workout as she runs all over the park and jumps up at them to pop them. She could do this for ever....i get bored before she does, usually after about 45 minutes or when the bubbles run out, so with all the running and jumping it's like an adult going to an intense aerobics class or a good swim/football game.

I just use the kids ones you get in The Works or pound shops, sometimes with a cheap bubble machine. I know there are ones marketed to dogs, but I figure if they're marketed for children, they must be safe for dogs.

Does anyone else's dogs like them?

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Squirrel26 Thu 04-Jul-19 10:17:38

My friend’s spaniel absolutely loves bubbles. My dog is totally confused as to what he’s supposed to do with them. He’s not the brightest pixie in the forest. grin

WeeCheekyBird Thu 04-Jul-19 11:52:41

My dog goes mental for bubbles! Handy entertainment between her and my toddler.

We got the dog safe ones before dd as they are sturdier and harder to burst but the kids ones seem to be fine too. As you say, it's a great workout and cheaper than buying balls all the time that Just get chewed up!

Walney Thu 04-Jul-19 12:31:04

Mine hasn't been around bubbles yet, but she does occasionally blow bubbles in her water bowl.

NewYoiker Sun 07-Jul-19 01:49:45

Yes! One loves them the other is a bit confused by them

DramaAlpaca Sun 07-Jul-19 01:53:14

Oh, I must get some & try them with my spaniel. I think he'd love them.

NewYoiker Sun 07-Jul-19 02:43:14

@DramaAlpaca it honestly gives him so much joy! He's elderly and when he stops caring about bubbles that's when I'll worry x

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