i pregant and i want to prepare my dog for the changes to life

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alteredHalfling Wed 03-Jul-19 21:44:46

she is good with commands, and she knows about baby gates we use them to stop her out the frount door she wont jump over and can jump it if she wanted too, shes never been a food agressive with people (which suprised me ask they didnt feed properly before i had her)

she is a resuce but not from a rescue centre, and friend told me about the old owners plan to just leave her i the house when they moved because they couldnt have dogs in the new house and i bought her just to get her safe and away from the abuse and was planning to re-home (but she never left)

She has handled going from the only pet to living with 2 rats(who ran around the house) and now 2 cats and a snake

I think getting a trainer in will be a good idea, and the sounds from youtube, we not at the buying prams and bits stage yet, i dont think the pram will be a problem with walking i have had her walking next to my uncles wheelchair quite a few times before

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Polly111 Wed 03-Jul-19 20:32:18

I didn’t do anything really to prepare my dog before my first baby was born, but my dog was pretty good at following commands. As others have said make sure you have some where to put the baby off the floor. I also found it easier to get the dog to follow me if I was going to a different room in the house so he wasn’t left alone with the baby.

Her0utdoors Wed 03-Jul-19 19:52:39

I think it's more a case of you making sure the baby is safe and avoiding any interaction that could give the dog a chance to exhibit unwanted behaviour, so somewhere safely off the floor to put the baby, making it clear that the dog needs to be off the sofa on your command, going to it's bed/crate when told, not guarding food. A sling as suggested up thread is a good idea too.

OverFedStanley Wed 03-Jul-19 19:04:11

Put the pram, cot and baby stuff out before you have the baby.

If you are going to carry the baby in a sling start wearing it on walks with your dog before you have the baby( really easy when pregnant!) also walk the dog with the pram

Put up baby gates before the baby arrives. Get the dog used to being the other side of a baby gate when it is just you and him.

Depends on the dog but you can get some baby sounds downloads to have playing in the background quietly if your dog is unhappy with noise.

If you know your routine will change eg different people walking your dog etc get this in place before the baby arrives.

Do not worry too much about the dog interacting with the baby the best place to be is the dog ignoring the baby or being disinterested to start with.


MrsGrannyWeatherwax Wed 03-Jul-19 18:19:06

Can you get a face to face appointment with a proper dog trainer? If she’s a rescue she may have more issues with babies than a non-rescue.

I prepared mine by playing baby crying noise off YouTube, always fussing her fur the wrong way, walks with the empty pram, and rewarding her not touching any baby products. Also made a big fuss over her for the first few weeks of baby.

I also had a routine dog walker come in the final few weeks of pregnancy so she had a routine to follow where she was less disturbed by baby.

It’s going well!

alteredHalfling Wed 03-Jul-19 18:11:35

patterdale cross sauasage dog called gizzmo she is a good dog now, i got her at 6 week (well saved) shes 9.5 now, she came from a abusive home and was under fed, at fist she bite any one who touch her when she was asleep and didnt like kids running around her, the bitting i trained out of her very quickly, the kid bit took longer but she can handle kids now (with help from friend kids) but shes never had experance with babies, she is a fast leaner
Has anyone got any adivce for getting her readly for the baby coming, she been my best friend for 9.5 years now and she wouldnt handle rehoming and i dont want to rehome her

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