Any dogs soft toy without a squeaker?

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Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 10:15:35

I’m after a soft toy that doesn’t have a squeaker for pup that’s coming soon. All the shops iv been in they all squeak. Has anyone seen one??

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 03-Jul-19 10:56:20

Charity shops always have children's soft toys - just avoid the ones containing bean fillings, hard eyes and hard noses. Pup will destroy them anyway so you may as well get cheap ones!

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 11:09:22

I wasn’t sure about them because I was reading that the stuffing in kids ones have to be fire resistant and that makes them toxic for puppies?

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pigsDOfly Wed 03-Jul-19 11:33:07

Have you looked at the toys without stuffing? I think a lot of them don't have squeaks.

I googled 'puppy toys without squeaks' lots on line available.

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 11:35:34

All the ones Iv found (unstuffed) also have squeaks? What are you seeing I’m not? grin breeder was saying to get a soft toy so he doesn’t feel alone so much at night (will be crate training) so would really like something with a bit of ‘bulk’ as apposed to flat....?

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pigsDOfly Wed 03-Jul-19 11:42:45

Ah ok. Well as I said there seems to be plenty of stuffed toys without squeaks online.

The only potential problem I could see with leaving a stuffed toy with a small puppy is the possibility of the puppy swallowing the stuffing if it pulls the toy apart.

Any dog toy you buy will have a label saying it should only be used under supervision.

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 11:52:57

Ah ok... what could I use for night time in his crate instead?

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nellyitsme Wed 03-Jul-19 12:24:10

I buy furry dog toys and take the stuffing and squeaker out. Or if you're good at sewing, buy fleece material or cut up old fleece blankets and make snakes shapes or bone shapes and stuff with old clothes or tights etc

pigsDOfly Wed 03-Jul-19 12:36:59

Some good ideas from nelly.

When I got my dog as a puppy, I took an old T shirt of mine to the breeder several days before I picked her up so that it could be put in with her mum and the other puppies. After I picked her up I put the T shirt in her crate so she had the familiar smell with her - I know that's not always possible if breeder is a far away.

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 12:54:02

I have given the breeder a new fleece blanket that was in my bed and will be bringing that home with us when we get him.

I can sew but don’t have a machine and I think it would be able to open up anything I sew!

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pigsDOfly Wed 03-Jul-19 13:03:16

The fleece blanket will be perfect for overnight.

OverFedStanley Wed 03-Jul-19 16:01:51

If you have a lot of spare cash. These are good for puppies to snuggle up to, they have a heartbeat to comfort the puppies

snuggle puppies

Or you could stuff an old sock with an old t towel or other old socks.

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 16:35:37

Oh I love that!!! Breeder said I don’t need a heat pack so I guess I could take it out. A lot of money though!

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Wolfiefan Wed 03-Jul-19 16:37:12

I slept by mine to start with. To crate train properly takes time. So to start off with puppy needs to be with you.

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 17:01:21

I’m going to put him beside my bed I’m his crate so that I’m right next to him? I don’t want him in my bed, plus he won’t be able to get up on it himself anyway and I’d worry about him falling off as it’s a high divan.

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Iltavilli Wed 03-Jul-19 17:21:39

Petface have some good options especially for smaller dogs. You can get them at so they’ll bring them with your shopping if you’re an Ocado customer (or just bring them quickly in their own van like a supermarket shop if not)

alteredHalfling Wed 03-Jul-19 17:39:06

Kong sell a Snugga Wubba not noise loads of sizes the aqua version has not noise too, my dog goes too nutts with squeker toys

Wolfiefan Wed 03-Jul-19 18:24:00

Next to you sounds great. I couldn’t get my enormous pup safely upstairs so had to sleep on the kitchen floor! shock
A hand or finger through the bars or your voice will let pup know they’re not alone. That’s the best comfort of all. Good luck.

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 19:45:09

I’d love to sleep with him on the sofa but don’t want to make a rod for my own back! He will always be allowed to sleep upstairs and in my room if he wants, just not on my bed.

Should I put his crate on my bedside table so he’s my head height or on the floor? His crate is quite small as he’s a small breed.

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Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 19:45:50

Thabks will look on pet face, o was going to try one of those things on amazon, the kong thingy.

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Wolfiefan Wed 03-Jul-19 21:16:41

Totally up to you. Just one thing about upstairs. You will be doing night time toilet trips. How quickly can you get up and out? They don’t give you much warning. grin

Inbedbynine Wed 03-Jul-19 21:24:35

Erm well with my door open, down the stairs and across the kitchen to back door?? How do you know they need a wee as apposed to just lonely in the night??

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pigsDOfly Wed 03-Jul-19 21:57:46

If it were me I'd have his crate on the floor.

He'll know you're there beside him and you can always put your fingers into the crate to reassure him if necessary.

Wolfiefan Wed 03-Jul-19 22:03:41

Mine would sleep through unless she needed a wee. They don’t know to go out very early on so you need to get them outside ASAP when they wake. Then settle them back to sleep afterwards.
There’s a brilliant FB group dog training advice and support that has files on toilet training and bringing a pup home. Really useful.

ParoxetineQueen Wed 03-Jul-19 22:04:37

My terrier will volunteer to de-squeak any toys for you in 10 minutes. grin

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