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Help! Dog ate chewing gum

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netflixlove Sun 30-Jun-19 23:34:58

My spaniel ate a piece of chewing gum someone had spat out on the path- everything I'm reading online looks really scary and I want to know if I should take him to the vets?

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BorderlineExperimental Sun 30-Jun-19 23:43:34

I'd either ring your vet (or the out of hours service they direct you to if they don't run their own) or there's also Animal Poisonline which can be really helpful in situations like this.

netflixlove Mon 01-Jul-19 01:49:47

@BorderlineExperimental Hi! Thank you, we ended up going to the 24hr vets and they made him sick with an injection. No chewing gum appeared so it seems he may have spat it out and I didn't notice!

The vets said it's the sugar free kind of gum that's actually poisonous as it contains a chemical that can kill dogs with even just one stick of gum, so we made the right choice going in to make sure. smile

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fivedogstofeed Mon 01-Jul-19 09:01:38

It's very scary and you did the right thing. The toxicity levels for xylitol and dogs are really low.
Many people don't know this.

We only knew ddog had eaten chewing gum from dds pocket when we found the wrapper on the floor. As it turns out he had eaten almost a full box of Wrigleys and would definitely have been dead had we not realised.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 01-Jul-19 12:07:08

Glad I read this thread as though I knew about xylitol and dogs, I'd never made the link to chewing gum.

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