If you met a dog called woody....

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Inbedbynine Sun 30-Jun-19 16:28:03

... would you ‘think’ Anything? Kids want to name new puppy woody but I don’t know if I’m being silly about penis connotations?

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StoorieHoose Sun 30-Jun-19 16:29:16

I would think of Toy Story. Get puppy a bandana and you'll be fine

Pipandmum Sun 30-Jun-19 16:29:50

Ask Woody Harrelson if he’s had any problems! Also Woody from Toy Story...

Maykid Sun 30-Jun-19 16:30:30

My friend has a cat called Woody, never thought anything of it.

ScreamingValenta Sun 30-Jun-19 16:30:35

Woodpecker. Showing my age!

msmith501 Sun 30-Jun-19 16:31:24

Why not explain to the kids why it is which a bad name? (I'm joking of course but it'd be an interesting discussion - excruciatingly embarrassing maybe?)

BobTheFishermansWife Sun 30-Jun-19 16:33:12

I'd probably ask if you've got another dog or a cat called Buzz.
Another one for the Toy Story connection.


Pretendapony Sun 30-Jun-19 16:33:42

I know a baby that has just been called woody and I was a bit hmm but for a dog I think it’s a great name!

dudsville Sun 30-Jun-19 16:34:20

I think it's a great name, I wish it was more in use.

Marmite27 Sun 30-Jun-19 16:34:47

I’d wonder where Buzz was hmm

Saucery Sun 30-Jun-19 16:35:30

I’d think of Woody Guthrie #oldhippy

Stationeryqueen Sun 30-Jun-19 16:40:55

My immediate thought was Toy Story, didn't think of any other connotation until you mentioned it.

Great name for a puppy.

Oliack1417 Sun 30-Jun-19 16:41:58

My friend has a beagle called woody :-)

Ploppymoodypants Sun 30-Jun-19 16:44:39

I know loads of animals called woody (Horse, 2 dogs, a rabbit and a cat) And at least 3 children and some adults too. I live in the UK. To my knowledge no one under the age of 60 has ever made a penis joke or connotation.

notacooldad Sun 30-Jun-19 16:46:01

Bloody hell Op
Where your head at?
That wouldn't occur to me!

Purplecatshopaholic Sun 30-Jun-19 16:52:08

I have a cat called Woody - love the name!

Purplecatshopaholic Sun 30-Jun-19 16:53:27

And penis connotations? Seriously?Q

iklboo Sun 30-Jun-19 16:54:23

That's where your mind goes? grin

Floralnomad Sun 30-Jun-19 16:55:56

I would no way connect Woody and penis , how strange .

PolkadotLollipop Sun 30-Jun-19 16:56:42

I’d think Toy Story if you had kids young enough to have named him/her. Though to be fair, the first one came out in the nineties so your kids could be pretty much any age!

Apolloanddaphne Sun 30-Jun-19 16:58:07

I knew a dog called Woody and when the family got a new puppy they called it Buzz! Nothing other than Toy Story entered my head.

BroomstickOfLove Sun 30-Jun-19 16:59:26

Woody's a normal name to me. No penis connotations.

GreigLaidlawsbarofsoap Sun 30-Jun-19 17:00:23

I think it can be quite area specific - I have lived in areas of the U.K. and US where an erection is very commonly referred to as "having a woody" and other places where it's just not used as slang at all. So all the posters basically accusing OP of being some kind of sex crazed pervert presumably live in non wooded areas.
My first thought was the Toy Story connection which is a nice one I think, esp for kids.

PolkadotLollipop Sun 30-Jun-19 17:04:04

I’m aware that it is a slang term for an erection but the association wouldn’t be the first that popped into my head with the name.

PolkadotLollipop Sun 30-Jun-19 17:04:20

And I’ve got quite a dirty mind.

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