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If you have a Labrador - what's the best rug to get that dog hairs don't stick in?

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Stillmonday Sat 29-Jun-19 11:08:48

We have a Labrador that sheds millions of hairs everyday despite ferminating her regularly.

I'm after a new rug but want to get a fabric that doesn't hold her hairs so much. Our last loopy rug had hairs threaded into it that the vacuum just didn't budge.

Any advice?

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palacegirl77 Sat 29-Jun-19 13:57:23

Im guessing she's yellow? Mine is black and luckily hardly sheds at all...definitely use a slicker brush on her to get the undercoat out. Rug wise I went for a very 'carpet like' rug, tight weave and the handheld dyson gets it all out of that no probs. I had a shaggy one before and couldnt keep that clean for love not money!

boxlikeamarchhare Sat 29-Jun-19 14:12:23

Oxymoron OP.

Pantah630 Sat 29-Jun-19 14:14:18

Tiles grin

Stillmonday Sat 29-Jun-19 14:17:51

@palacegirl77 no she's black actually. Oh my god what do you do to stop them shedding? You can actually see hairs falling off mine as she walks around! 😂
I use a ferminator on her but she's still a beast!

@boxlikeamarchhare Why is it an oxymoron?

@Pantah630 I have oak flooring but want a rug in my living room.

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Pantah630 Sat 29-Jun-19 14:20:27

Honestly OP I feel your pain but have no clue how to help. Two longish coated border collies and two shirt haired moggies that she'd more than 100% of their hair daily I'm sure.

Pantah630 Sat 29-Jun-19 14:20:39


Stillmonday Sat 29-Jun-19 14:22:17

@Pantah630 I was hoping someone would come on here and say 'get a 70%wool rug with a diagonal twist shag pile' as dog hairs don't stick to those ones! 🤞🏼

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Wolfiefan Sat 29-Jun-19 14:23:27

Can you get a faux Labrador rug? At least the hairs wouldn’t be noticeable! grin

Stillmonday Sat 29-Jun-19 14:24:28

@Wolfiefan Ha, I could probably make my own lab rug with how much she loses 😄

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Wolfiefan Sat 29-Jun-19 14:26:16

I don’t doubt it. Even my (non lab) is moulting like you wouldn’t believe at the moment. So if you’d like a wolfhound accent to your lab rug?! grin

Whoopstheregomyinsides Sat 29-Jun-19 14:27:18

Reading with interest but as a cat owner who seems to shed as she walks. angry

Stillmonday Sat 29-Jun-19 14:33:39

Yes why not @Wolfiefan , mix that in with a bit of crap that DH tends to bring in and I'll have the perfect homemade rug!

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Wolfiefan Sat 29-Jun-19 15:50:05


Fucksandflowers Sat 29-Jun-19 16:54:10

None. Sorry.

Border collie here, wood floors, leather sofas, regular grooming and vacuuming.
There's still hair everywhere....

I honestly think if you have a typical 'sheddy' dog breed there is no hope and everything needs to be wipe clean if you dislike hair

Fucksandflowers Sat 29-Jun-19 16:58:30

get a 70%wool rug with a diagonal twist shag pile' as dog hairs don't stick to those ones!

We had a massive sheepskin rug once, gorgeous it was, I vacuumed and slicker brushed it regularly including flipping it over and vacuuming the suede side, the amount of grit and dust that would come out each time was absolutely shocking.

My mum and DS are asthmatic and honestly, once it went they breathed much better (such was the extent of dust it held!)

boxlikeamarchhare Sat 29-Jun-19 17:26:35

Because I have got the worlds hairiest Labrador OP. Actually my pure wool rugs with a short carpet type pile are the best.

When my dog was unwell I bought her a sheepskin rug for her bed - nearly knackered my washer washing it, the stuff that came out of it even after much hoovering meant it went in the bin rather than wash it again.

My mum recently asked if I got much out of her when I brush so I actually took a photo! - three times a week I get this .....

Stillmonday Sat 29-Jun-19 19:40:14

@boxlikeamarchhare wool one it is then!

That's as much as we get too, it's crazy!

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