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Thecrown3 Sat 29-Jun-19 08:46:09

Hi all
First time poster in “doghouse “- I’ve got 3 dogs and didn’t even know there was a section here !!

I’m aware this has been asked before.... any positive stories of tlpo surgery on your dogs please? Our cocker spaniel has surgery on wednesday and is feeling v sorry for himself.
He’s a really active 5 year old dog and is terribly sad/depressed looking on cage rest.
We’re carrying him from cage to garden for toilet breaks but he rarely pees and no poop yet:-(
We have vets follow up on Monday and then hope he can walk out to garden .
He’s not weight bearing properly at moment, stands with leg in air but after a few minutes then rests it down but thought he would at least stand on it properly?
He’s on metacam and he’s eating and drinking .
Positive news stories are much needed please?!

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OverFedStanley Sat 29-Jun-19 09:33:19

Positive stories here smile

My dog had cruciate surgery at 5 he is now 15 and still enjoying life - you will get through this. smile

The first week after surgery our dog was subdued and not totally comfortable. Although he did weight bare quite early on. Then it was just a long slow boring time of keeping him crated or restrained and out for wee breaks. Eventually we built up under vets guidance to short walk etc after about 6 weeks.

I wouldn't worry about him being hesitant to weight bare yet it is early days but of course if worried do speak to your vets. Were you told to carry him for wees or will he not walk?

We had lots of crate games and when our guy felt a bit better lots of car rides and eventually got him a buggy so he came along for rides while the other dogs walked.

This too will pass smile

Thecrown3 Sat 29-Jun-19 12:22:11

Thank you @OverFedStanley-
I just feel he’s such an active dog he’s probably bored out of his mind but I know it’s for the greater good.
Vet said to carry him out till Mondays post op check - then he can walk out to garden :-/ it’s a bit like bringing your newborn home and you don’t know how to look after them !! .... who put me in charge ... I need an adult grin

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OverFedStanley Sat 29-Jun-19 13:03:20

Haha I understand that need an adult feeling.

There are lots of canine enrichment ideas on facebook. Not this week but probably next you can use Licky mats, bones, stuffed kongs etc can all be used to stop him getting bored.

Trick training is also great obviously only do tricks that will not involve the bad leg. So hand touches with nose, front paw tricks high five, cross over front paws, head down, sneezing, shake and nod head etc. Teach him to pick up name items that are close to him good to get him thinking.

You may be surprised - many dogs can settle down into a routine of less exercise quite well.

Hope he feels better soon

Thecrown3 Sat 29-Jun-19 15:26:28

Success this afternoon, he’s pooped grin
Thank you - a week feels a long way a way at the moment !

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RedRiverHog Sat 29-Jun-19 19:18:15

My 11 year old girl had both hers done a year ago. She was very sorry for herself after the first op but she is doing so well now! Recovery feels endless but please follow the vets advice to the letter, especially regarding exercise.

Ddog put her foot down almost immediately but was very bruised and stiff so I'm not surprised it takes some dogs longer. It really does consume your life for a while but it's worth it.

Booboostwo Sat 29-Jun-19 20:49:28

My ten year old JRT had his done a year ago. I remember he held his leg up for quite a while and I remember being worried about it but the vet was chilled and he was fine in the end. He was allowed on very short walks just out for toilet from the start but follow your vet’s advice. Six weeks will pass quite quickly.


zenlife Tue 02-Jul-19 08:04:24

Hey it's a really common surgery and loads of dogs do really well from it xx

Thecrown3 Tue 02-Jul-19 09:39:40

Thanks all.
We saw vet last night and they are really pleased with his recovery, he’s now weight bearing ( to a fashion!) and wound healing nicely.
Can’t wait till my boys buster collar comes off next Monday smile

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Booboostwo Tue 02-Jul-19 10:26:06

That’s great news!

Winenotttea Tue 02-Jul-19 21:40:48

I’d be really positive with a 5 year old. Our 13 year old had TPLO surgery late last year and she’s fine and dandy now. She does appear stiff but I think that’s her age rather than the surgery.

It’s a slow old recovery road but please don’t try to do too much too soon, the slower and longer the recovery the better the end result. x

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