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Training puppy/young dog to walk in lead. Harness or collar?

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Lovemusic33 Fri 28-Jun-19 16:34:00

Rescue pup hasn’t got any experience of walking on lead, pretty scared of the outside world. Was given a harness when I collected him but feels like I have no control over him with it but read that a collar can be stressful for a anxious dog? What’s best to use? His a mix breed (jack russel size). Also any tips for teaching him to walk on the lead?

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UpturnedUmbrella Fri 28-Jun-19 17:08:02

How exciting for you to rescue a pup!
How old are they?

I’d probably recommend getting a harness but one were you can clip the lead to the front (chest of dog). This way you keep the harness which will minimise pressure on dogs neck but also remove the sense of tug of war/play dog gets when walking.
You may want to put on harness/collar whilst just in the house so dog can get used to wearing them in a comfortable environment.

Lovemusic33 Fri 28-Jun-19 17:23:57

He’s 8 months old but because of his background he’s like a 8 week old big puppy.

The harness he came with has the clip on the back, I will look at some other harnesses. He had been wearing the harness in the house at his foster home, todays the first time it’s been taken off and a collar put on (he seems happy with this). He has SBT in him so tends to pull from the chest.

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PolkadotLollipop Fri 28-Jun-19 17:54:40

I recommend the perfect fit harnesses. They have back and front attachment points and seem to be pretty comfy for dogs. They are modular (you buy 3 parts) so the sizing can be tailored to your dog’s specific measurements. They are quite dear though.

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