Trying to adopt a puppy

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teenmum18 Thu 27-Jun-19 13:35:55

So yesterday we found a puppy on an animal sanctuary website and called up today to ask if it was still available. The lady asked who was in the family so I told her and she said because we have a 2 year old we couldn't have the puppy because it was grabby even though it's only 8 weeks old. I explained that we already have a 10 month old grabby puppy and that dd isn't fazed by it.

The puppy is a pug x so not a big breed, plus at 8 weeks old is young enough to train. Does this sound odd to you?

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tadpole39 Thu 27-Jun-19 13:41:47

Personally I would wait, if you have a puppy already you run the risk of littermate syndrome, also your puppy is almost teenage and might go backwards in behaviour with a new friend. Wait til it’s a bit more mature and can help a new puppy by example so you don’t end up with a double whammy of littermate syndrome and two dogs with no training!

fivedogstofeed Thu 27-Jun-19 15:17:48

I don't think anyone would advise bringing in another puppy when your first is only 10 months old.
Also, a small breed puppy and a 2 year old is a fairly bad combination, whether because it's a bitey puppy, or because it's small enough for a 2 year old to pick up and potentially hurt.

PitterPatterOfTinyPaws Thu 27-Jun-19 17:15:03

I'd wait until your older dog is 2 or so, past the teenage stage and where you want it to be in terms of training and behaviour. That will mean that the older one will set a good example to the younger one, and you reduce the risk of new puppy being a bad influence.

Lovemusic33 Thu 27-Jun-19 20:29:36

Some rescues won’t home to anyone who has kids under 8 years, others will. Maybe find another puppy at another rescue? Also consider if you want 2 young dogs, they could get playful and knock your child over?

Soubriquet Thu 27-Jun-19 20:31:23

A lot of rescues won’t rehome to anyone with a child under 5.

Some small ones will but they need you to prove you can be a competent dog owner

With a 10 month old puppy, I wouldn’t be getting an 8 week old so quick.

We got our second when our first was 14 months and that was hard enough

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