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Puppy not covered by vaccination... Socialisation??

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PCMcNasty Wed 26-Jun-19 10:49:53

I got my puppy late at 15 weeks.

He's just had his first injection yesterday so he's not covered to go on walks.

How do I keep him socialised during this time?
Could he play with fully vaccinated dogs within my garden?

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SlothMama Wed 26-Jun-19 10:53:10

When my puppy was unvaccinated I carried her around alot of places to get her used to sounds and people. She played in our garden and our inlaws garden with vaccinated dogs to socialise with dogs.

PCMcNasty Wed 26-Jun-19 10:59:45

I don't actually know anyone with a dog confused

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SophyStantonLacy Wed 26-Jun-19 11:13:19

Yes, he can play with fully vaccinated dogs.

I took my puppy out a lot before he was truly covered by vaccinations as I just found it impossible to manage family life (kids) with not leaving the puppy at home too long, so he had to come along too...

Lovemusic33 Wed 26-Jun-19 11:22:25

Some puppy classes will allow you in after the first vaccination. Meanwhile you can get him used to travelling in the car and meeting people (carry him). My local vets do a puppy socialising session I think after first vaccination.

PitterPatterOfTinyPaws Wed 26-Jun-19 11:36:40

I don't actually know anyone with a dog

If you go on Facebook there's almost always a local dog owners group, and I'm willing to bet you could find someone there

pigsDOfly Wed 26-Jun-19 11:58:08

Agree with pp it's very important to socialise your puppy so carry him and get him used to lots of different sights and sounds: different types of traffic, both road and pavement, different types of people - carry him around shops like Pets at home and you're pretty much guaranteed to have both adults and children wanting to stroke him and say hello.

Get him used to the car if you drive or any other type of transport you might take him on.

There's lots you can be doing before he heads out on his own four feet.

Get him use to as much as you can so that when he does go on the ground he'll already have a good idea of what to expect.

Playing with other fully vaccinated dogs is good but socialisation is much more than just meeting other dogs.

Lovemusic33 Wed 26-Jun-19 18:30:09

Just found out the dog I am adopting hasn’t had his vaccinations so I shall be following all the advice above, getting him used to the car and socialising him with friends dogs until he has his 2nd vaccination in 4 weeks time.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 27-Jun-19 15:34:00

Get your puppy around as many fully vaccinated dogs as you can (provided they are pupoy-friendly, obvs). Ask around, ask your neighbours, etc. Ask a local dog trainer. There are loads of dog owners out there.

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