Pup won’t wee outside

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CleverQuacks Sun 23-Jun-19 14:23:19

That’s my plan and why I haven’t put her in her pen so far today. Currently she is asleep on my knee so will take her out again when she wakes up. She can’t hold it for much longer surely???

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BiteyShark Sun 23-Jun-19 14:18:59

I would force the issue by staying outside until she had no option but to pee and then OTT with praise. Once she knows she can pee outside then that's half the battle won.

Maybe the garden is too open and scary so perhaps create a smaller space outside?

CleverQuacks Sun 23-Jun-19 14:16:14

I have a new Shihtzu puppy. She is 9 weeks old. I have only had her two days so know that there is a long toilet training road ahead of us however since she has been home she hasn’t done a single wee outside. I have a play pen set up and she will happily wee in there. Today I have kept her out of her play pen and have been watching her closely. Taking her outside every twenty minutes but she will not wee. It has been nearly 5 hours now without a wee so I am sure she must be bursting. I know if I put her in her pen she will wee instantly cos she did that yesterday. Any tips on how to encourage her to wee outside?

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