Help me name my second dog!

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SausageSimon Sun 23-Jun-19 13:51:02

I've got a gorgeous mini dachshund called Wilma and I'm looking to get another.

If I get a boy I'd love to call him Walter. I think Wilma and Walter sound lovely together.

My ideas for a girl are:
- Wilma and Betty
- Wilma and Winnie
- Wilma and Wanda
- Wilma and Jessie

Any other ideas would be wonderful!

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ChardonnaysPrettySister Sun 23-Jun-19 13:54:20

Has to be Betty.

I'd be tempted to call the boy Fred.

PutOnYourDamnSocks Sun 23-Jun-19 14:37:50


Ellmau Sun 23-Jun-19 14:41:28

I wouldn't go for anything too similar sounding - they won't know which one is being called.

SausageSimon Sun 23-Jun-19 16:08:32

Good point! @Ellmau

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MeSoTooSo Sun 23-Jun-19 16:19:43

I second Betty. grin

SausageSimon Sun 23-Jun-19 16:19:47

Wilma and Maggie
Wilma and Lucy


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SausageSimon Sun 23-Jun-19 21:53:14

I don't know if going with Betty will make me look a bit sad grin

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SausageSimon Sun 23-Jun-19 21:54:04

Weirdly I got the name Wilma from watching That 70s Show! The actor who plays Fez is called Wilmer and I just changed it to the more feminine spelling

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