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New rescue: Help!!!

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bigeegit Fri 21-Jun-19 13:13:08

Ok, need a rant. Adopted our ball of fluff a month ago. He is about 1 years old and neutered. He is good in so many ways, sleeps quietly at night downstairs, affectionate, playful, good at learning new things, toilet trained easily. However, he has started barking when left alone for even 10 minutes. This was not the case at the start, and it seems to have developed in the last week or two. He also aggressively barks at my neighbours and my partners parents when they visit but can then be sweet as a pie with others in the house. Hes very inconsistent. On walks he will pass by 10 people with no reaction and bark his head off at the 11th. He also spooks easily and will bark and lunge at people coming out their front door, cars etc. He just barked and growled at my lovely neighbour this morning and growled at a random dog so I'm feeling particularly fed up and embarrassed. Not to mention I'm trapped in my own home. Please tell me it gets easier. Any tips are welcome.

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OverFedStanley Fri 21-Jun-19 14:14:16

It will not get easier unless you take steps to work on this.

Does the rescue have a behaviourist linked to it?

You do need professional advice and it may initially cost money but it will make sure that the behaviours change.

Your dog sounds overwhelmed and stressed and being shown how to follow an appropriate calming protocol will enable your dog to relax and learn new behaviours. A stressed dog will never learn new behaviours.

Do not take advice from people who can not see the dog in rl, you need someone on the ground to see and assess your dog.

bigeegit Fri 21-Jun-19 14:22:34

Thanks for your advice. I have contacted a local behaviourist this morning, they have good reviews so hopefully that will help. I have tried looking for advice online but it's all so contradictory. I have tried the tiring him out, leaving kings filled with treats, leaving radio on etc etc for when I go. Sometimes works, sometimes not. I just wish he could relax during the day without me like he does at night.

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OverFedStanley Fri 21-Jun-19 15:38:52

It will be so much easier for you when you have got a solid well advised plan in place. Usually you will notice changes quite quickly. Good luck smile

bigeegit Fri 21-Jun-19 15:48:49

Thanks, fingers crossed. I'm a bit of a worrier anyway, so it has been a bit of an adjustment. shockgrin

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Purplecatshopaholic Sat 22-Jun-19 09:04:35

I agree with Overfed that he sounds overwhelmed and stressed. My rescue boy was similar. I got a trainer in, and that, and a lot of patience, has made a huge difference. Good luck with your lovely boy.

lorisparkle Sat 22-Jun-19 09:42:30

There is some excellent resources on the Facebook group 'dog training advice and support' on rescue dogs and separation anxiety. I believe it is common for issues with rescue dogs to not appear until they start to settle in.

Funf Sat 22-Jun-19 21:54:02

The good thing is you have asked for help. Just listen to the advice from people who have met the dog, the dog will understand when its time to play or when it has to be good.
What breed is it?

bigeegit Sat 22-Jun-19 22:52:42

Thanks for the response. Hes a mixed breed, not sure really. Small little fella, shelters guess is papillion mixed with terrier, but I think he has a bit of collie in him. Real pretty smiley face. I had to leave him today so used a lovely couple around the corner who do dog sitting. They have a little dog that he got on great with, and they said he was lovely and quiet, just barked at one random dog when they brought him to the park, but otherwise good as gold. He is all tuckered out this evening from it.

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Funf Sun 23-Jun-19 05:40:43

Many of the terriers can be stubborn.
Just for a plan with the new dog sitter so you stick to the same commands, rewards and try to have a similar schedule, you will crack it but it all takes time and repetition

AJPTaylor Sun 23-Jun-19 06:04:59

May not be appropriate in your circs but my daughter's dog improved massively through going out with the local dog walker. She gradually added more/different dogs to his walk and this seemed to help him around other dogs.

bigeegit Fri 05-Jul-19 13:13:40

Just an update, spoke to behaviourist last week, they asked what I was doing to deal with his behaviour already and said it all sounds good and that he just needs more practice being left alone. He said it didnt sound like full separation anxiety and to keep going and ring him in a week if he hasn't improved. I'm glad to say that he has improved quite a bit! I have been sticking with leaving him alone for about an hour a day with a treat, he happily plays with that, barks once or twice during the hour for a minute or two and that's it. We have also reintroduced him to my other halves parents who he didnt like on first meeting and bar brief initial barking they bonded over chicken treats 😀

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kamillaw Sat 06-Jul-19 19:29:38

Well done that's fab!

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