Sneezing dog - what to do?

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PutOnYourDamnSocks Fri 21-Jun-19 10:20:32

Should a sneezing dog (who otherwise is ok) go see the vet?

Not sure what to do. SockDog has been sneezing for about a week, usually on waking or getting up and occasionally has a big sneezing fit (like say if you’ve got rice stuck in your nose).

If she was human I wouldn’t take her to the doctor. The DC are also ill and i’ve just plonked them in front of Pokemon with a box of tissues.

Do you do that with dogs? Or best to get her checked?

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BiteyShark Fri 21-Jun-19 10:58:02

I took mine as they checked to see if they could feel anything inside his nose and checked him out generally.

Whilst they couldn't rule out a foreign body stuck up there given that the discharge was clear they recommended piriton to see if it cleared up which it did.

Moondancer73 Fri 21-Jun-19 10:59:59

Have you got a new air freshener/plug in? Dogs are way more sensitive to that kind of thing than humans so it could be that irritating the dog.

pigsDOfly Fri 21-Jun-19 11:23:00

As Moondancer says anything like air freshener or change of washing power could cause an irritation.

My dog can't take any sort of air fresheners, they make her gag.

My son once burned some joss sticks in the house and one of the cats started retching and coughing.

If there's no obvious things in the environment that could be causing it I would definitely be taking the dog to the vet after a week of continuous sneezing.

spiderlight Fri 21-Jun-19 11:26:52

I'd suspect a grass seed at this time of year, or the pollen has been incredibly high (my poor DS is streaming). After a week I'd definitely be getting her checked out.

LKRJM Fri 21-Jun-19 11:36:44

Agree with PP it’s probably some form of hay fever mine both suffer more with it this time of year and the vets have never been too concerned. Trust your gut and if he gets worse take him in x

willywillywillywilly Fri 21-Jun-19 11:39:59

Take her to the vets - my dog had a grass seed stuck up his nose that we couldn't see and was constantly sneezing


cheeseislife8 Fri 21-Jun-19 11:41:25

Definitely go to the vet

FiresideTreats Fri 21-Jun-19 11:42:44

Take her to be checked. Mine also had a grass seed stuck up her nose - they can travel far and fast, causing lots of damage.

PutOnYourDamnSocks Fri 21-Jun-19 16:21:08

Thanks all. Been to the vet, probably not a grass seed. More likely to just be a virus. Loxicom and a dent in the credit card.

Glad I checked though as she’s been probably miserable this afternoon.

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willywillywillywilly Mon 24-Jun-19 16:54:23

Good news OP smile

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