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Ollypops14 Thu 20-Jun-19 09:23:53

I have a 3 month old Cockapoo , she is quite curly . At what age do i start to groom her . I meanby taking her to be groomed .

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Ollypops14 Thu 20-Jun-19 12:26:59


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BiteyShark Thu 20-Jun-19 12:32:16

I took my cocker to a groomer around the age of 4-5 months. She did a puppy visit which is more about getting them used to the tools and sounds rather than an actual groom.

AgathaF Thu 20-Jun-19 12:40:24

You need to be taking her now so that she gets used to the equipment and process. They won't need to clip her, just maybe a bath and dry and let her see and hear the clippers and scissors, get used to standing on the table and being handled etc.

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